Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 92 Air Conditioning & Heating Controls

92 HVAC Components SOURCE 1 PART NO. ADDITIONAL FEATURES OUTPUT DELAY DIMS (IN) MLP $ S1-ACH55 OPTIONAL OVERFLOW ALARM LED KIT FOR USE WITH S1-ICM340 OR S1-ICM342 CABLE LENGTH: 6 FT. -- 28.96 S1-ICM340 2 SENSORS MAX. OPERATING/STORAGE RH 95% NON-CONDENSING STORAGE TEMPERA- TURE: -40F TO 85C REPLACES WATER GUARD: 401475 24 VAC TO THERMOSTAT/ COOLING CONTROL 24 VAC TO OPTIONAL OVERFLOW LED 2 AMPS 1-3 MIN. - 65.93 S1-ICM342 ALARM OUTPUT DURING LOCKOUT CONFORMAL COATING FOR MOISTURE PROTECTION TYPE: RELAY N.O.: 10A @ 120 VAC N.C.: 10 A @ 120 VAC ON MAKE CUSTOM AVAILABLE, FIXED OR ADJUSTABLE 2.75 X 3.25 33.57 S1-ICM345 AUDIBLE/VISIBLE CONDENSATION ALARM ASC COMPRESSOR PROTECTION WORKS WITH ANY EXISTING THERMOSTAT OR CONDENSATION CONTROL TYPE: RELAY N.O.: 1A @ 30 VAC ANTI-SHORT CYCLE: 5 MIN. FIXED 4.5 X 2.75 X 0.875 61.71 ICM's condensate control systems protect cooling and refrigeration equipment by detecting and preventing overflows in the evaporator condensation pan due to slow and/or blocked drains or pump failure. Specifications: Input: 18-30 VAC, 50-60 Hz ICM Condensation Controls CONDENSATION CONTROLS & COMPRESSOR PROTECTION MODULES SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONS (INCHES) MLP $ S1-ICM220 COMPRESSOR CONTROLLER, LOCKOUT RELAY IDEAL FOR USE WITH SAFETY/INTERLOCK SWITCHES 2 WATTS MAX. POWER CONSUMPTION @ LOCKOUT RELAY: 1 FORM C, CONTACTS: 2A @ 30 VAC RESISTIVE 2 X 2 37.71 S1-ICM221 COMPRESSOR PROTECTION MODULE WITH 1-SECOND INTERROGATION SAFETY SWITCH MONITORING 3 OR 6 SEC. DELAY ON MAKE, SELECTABLE 10 SEC. OR 5 MIN. ANTI-SHORT CYCLE TIME 3.25 X 3 X 1 60.04 S1-ICM222 LOCKOUT PROTECTION MODULE WITH PRESSURE/FLOW SWITCH MONITORING FAULT TYPE: RELAY (SPDT) N.O., FAULT RATING: 1A @ 30 VAC 5 MIN. FIXED ANTI-SHORT CYCLE TIME 20% (5 SEC. TEST MODE) 3.5 X 3.25 X 1 60.04 The S1-ICM221 is a low-cost compressor protection module that monitors safety switch inputs and provides anti-short cycle protection. S1- ICM220 and S1-ICM222 are low-cost lockout protection modules that monitor various switch inputs to help protect the compressor. Specifications: Voltage: 18-30 VAC Frequency: 50-60 Hz ICM Lockout Protection

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