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86 Oil Heating Controls Parts For Beckett AFG Oil Burners OIL BURNERS & FUEL PUMPS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION ITEM BONNET CAPACITY MLP $ S1-52633074001 SINGLE STAGE PUMP 10 55,000 BTU TO 125,000 BTU 194.24 * Includes Gasket Danfoss Nozzles For AFG Oil Burners OIL NOZZLES SOURCE 1 PART NO. DANFOSS PART NO. CAPACITY GPH SPRAY ANGLE CONE SHAPE MLP $ S1-52635624000 030F7529 1.65 70 SOLID 9.27 S1-52635632000 030H6520 1.00 60 HOLLOW 8.12 Features: Meets ISO 9001 International standards Atomizes fuel oil in burners with capacities from .40 GPH to 3.0 GPH Nozzles stamped with spray pattern, capacity and angle Atomization pressure is 100 psi White Rodgers 668 Series Kwik-Sensor Cad Cell Relays Replaces intermittent ignition Kwik-Sensor Cad cell relays on oil burner systems with 15, 30 or 45 second safety timing. Certain types have unique Signal-Lite feature which glows whenever safety lockout occurs. Features: Grey enclosure. 120 VAC, 60 Hz standard input voltage. 24 VAC control voltage. Full 10 FLA, 60 LRA, 120 VAC rating on motor relay contacts. Ignition transformer rating 360 VA (3.0A). 10 useable leads. Mounts to 4 x 4 junction box. Line voltage safety switch eliminates burner run-on in event motor relay contacts weld closed. Solid state flame detection circuitry is not affected by vibration or high or low ambient temperatures. Suitable for use from -40 to 150 F (-40 to 66 C). Screw terminals for low voltage connections provide positive contact. Recycles upon momentary flame failure or power interruption. CAD CELL RELAYS & FLAME DETECTORS SOURCE 1 PART NO. SAFETY TIMING THERMOSTAT TYPE THERMOSTAT ANTICIPATOR SETTING SAFETY LOCK- OUT LIGHT MANUAL LOCK-OUT LEVER INTEGRAL TRANSFORMER TIME START FAN SWITCH MLP $ S1-668-430 45 SEC. 2 OR 3 WIRE* 0.4A YES NO F*-B 299.65 S1-668-601 15 SEC. 2-WIRE 0.4A NO 276.99 *3-Wire series 10 Models with external transformer have safety switch contacts in motor relay (low voltage) circuit

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