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79 Gas Heating Controls IGNITION MODULES & INTEGRATED FURNACE CONTROLS Carrier Single Stage HSI Integrated Furnace Control Kit SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-50M56U-751 MODULE,CONTROL,FURNACE,CARRIER120V 346.82 Replaces White-Rodgers 50M56-751 and virtually all Carrier single stage HSI controls with 120V ignitors Easy install kit includes: ignition control module, installation instructions and OEM cross-reference, set of interconnect harnesses, bag of accessories System Diagnostic LED with Fault Recall Low-Speed Continuous Fan Option 120 VAC Ignitor Output 120 or 24 VAC Humidier Output 120 VAC Electronic Air Cleaner Output Self-Test Installation Routine Ignition Trial Time: 4 Seconds Prepurge Period: 30 Seconds Retries: 2 Times Supco Furnace Pro Switch Clip SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-FPRO100 TOOL,CLIP,FURNACE PRO SWITCH (M6) 37.27 Features: Temporarily engages the furnace interlock switch for service Simplies repair preparation Works on all furnace interlock switch types Strong rare earth magnetic ends Durable nylon construction FAN & LIMIT CONTROLS White Rodgers Fan & Limit Controls for Universal Replacement Single element type for applications with narrow space limitations. Regulates fan or blower operation and acts as high limit safety control. Features: Designed to be interchangeable with other ush mounted, single element fan and limits. Slotted mounting holes for easy installation. Long Terminal screws for wiring-Junctions can be made on terminal block. Limit switch has "universal" contact structure capable of handling millivolts to 240 VAC. Limit switch has adjustable stop to limit maximum setting-Shipped at 200 F (94 C). Dial has individual pointers for fan cut-in and cut-out settings. Removable solid copper jumper between fan and limit switches. Summer fan switch for ventilation without changing control settings. Has same fan and limit switch mechanism. C.S.A. Certied and U.L. Recognized. Specications and Cross Reference: SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION ELEMENT LENGTH MLP S1-5D51-35 WITH STANDARD ENCLOSURE 5" 219.71 S1-5D51-78 WITH STANDARD ENCLOSURE 11" 219.71 S1-5D51-90 WITH STANDARD ENCLOSURE 8" 219.71 VENDOR TYPE NO DESCRIPTION RANGE DIFFERENTIAL SWITCH ACTION FULL ELECTRICAL RATING MOTOR RATING (FULL LOAD) VALVES AND RELAYS 120 VAC 240 VAC 24 VAC 0.3-12V DC 5D51 SERIES FAN 50 TO 265 F (10 TO 129 C) ADJUSTABLE 15F MINIMUM CLOSE ON RISE HT 14.0A 7.0A -- LIMIT 100 TO 300 F (38 TO 149 C) FIXED 25 F OPEN ON RISE HTV 10.0A 6.0A 6.0A 1.0A Gas Heating Controls

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