Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 77 Air Conditioning & Heating Controls

77 ICM294 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-ICM294 INTERMITTENT PILOT IGNITION CONTROL 299.58 Replacement for popular models, including York 025-27762-700 and JCI G770RJA-1 series controls. Specifications: Control Voltage: Line 24V (18-30 VAC), 50/60 Hz Anticipator Setting: 0.3A plus valve load @ 24 VAC Prepurge: None Trial for Ignition: 85 seconds Flame Failure Response Time: 0.5 seconds Retry: None IGNITION MODULES & INTEGRATED FURNACE CONTROLS Gas Heating Controls ICM Spark Ignition Controls SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-ICM292 LOW COST, DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR RHEEM: 62-24140-04 307.54 Features: Low Cost, Direct Replacement Board For Rheem: 62-24140-04 Direct Spark Ignition (Dsi) Control Board Microprocessor Based Controls Inducer Motors, Air Cleaner (If Equipped), Humidfier (If Equipped), Spark Igniter, And Gas Valve Monitors Timing, Trial For Ignition, System Switches, Flame Sensing And Lockout 100% Lockout Safety Feature Compatible With Lp Or Natural Gas Status Led For Fault Codes To Aid In Troubleshooting Led Indicators: Power, Green Led: Pwr Status, Green Led: Ok Flame Status, Yellow Led: Flame Specifications: Control Voltage: 24 Vac (18-30 Vac), 60 Hz Line Voltage: 115 Vac, 60 Hz Timing: Pre-Purge: 30 Seconds Trial For Ignition: 7 Seconds Retries: 2 Groups Of 2; 30 Sec Delay Within Group And 3 Min Delay Between Groups. Lockout: 45 Seconds Post-Purge: 90, 120, 160, And 180 Seconds ICM292 Input: Power: 24 Vac And Com Thermostat Interface: R, W, Y And G Safety Switches: Vent Pressure And Limit Switches (Main And Over-Temperature Switches In Series) Flame Sensing Heat Blower Off Delay (Miniature Slide Switch Set) Outputs: Spark Gas Valve: GV Inducer Draft Motor: Idm Blower Motor: Fan, Cool, And Heat Speeds Electric Air Cleaner: Eac Humidifier Relay: Hum, Heat/Cool Relay: H/C ICM295 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-ICM295 LOW COST, FORM FIT FUNCTION REPLACEMENT 134.00 Features: For Use With Intermittent Pilot Boilers, Furnaces Or Other Heating Appliances Microprocessor-Based Precision, Compatible With LP Or Natural Gas Continuous Spark Until Pilot Flame Established Replaces Carrier LH33WZ510 And Comparable Ignition Controls Specifications: Control Voltage: Line 24 Vac (18-30 Vac) @ 50/60 Hz Prepurge: 0 To 10 Seconds (System Dependent) Retries: Continuous Operating Temperature: -40F (-40C) To 75C (176F) Relative Humidity: 0% To 95% Non-Condensing Spark Frequency: 15Hz For 90 Seconds, 10Hz Thereafter

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