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AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING CONTROLS 75 HVAC Components LINE MONITORS ICM 3-Phase Voltage Monitor-Programmable ICM450 Stop Motor Burnouts! 3-Phase line voltage monitor with 25-fault memory, hightemperature LCD display, easy setup & clear diagnostic display of system faults, 190-630 VAC operation... The ICM450 was specifically designed to protect motors and other 3-phase loads from premature failure and damage due to common voltage faults such as voltage unbalance, over/under voltage, phase loss, reversal, incorrect sequencing and rapid short cycling. Features: Reliable, high temperature LCD display simplifies system setup and diagnostics. Indicates condition of incoming line voltage, fault conditions, system setpoints and other user adjustments. Temp.: -20 to +75C (-4 to +167F) Simultaneous voltage ICM exclusive! View all 3 phases, no need to scroll through readouts. Fully adjustable variables...user may easily set and adjust variables when in SETUP mode: Line voltage: 190-600 VAC Voltage unbalance: 2-20% Delay on break period: 0-10 min. Fault interrogation: 0-15 sec. Over/under voltage: 2-25% Reset modes: AUTO or 0-10 Retries Control modes: ON or OFF Specifications: Input Line voltage: universal- 190-630 VAC Frequency: 50/60 Hz Output Type: relay, SPDT Voltage range: Up to 240 VAC (Max: 10 amps) Frequency: 50/60 Hz Control Operating Temperature Operating temperature: -40 to +75C, -40 to 167F Storage temperature: -40 to +85C, -40 to 185F LCD Operating Temperature Operating temperature: -20 to +75C, -4 to 167F Phase Unbalance Protection Voltage unbalance: 2-20% adjustable Over/under protection Under voltage: 2-25% adjustable Over voltage: 2-25% adjustable Phase Loss Protection Phase loss condition= <25% of nominal for any given phase. System will shut down and a fault will be recorded should this condition occur. Delay on Break Timer Control voltage: 18-240 VAC Time delay: 0-10 min. adjustable Fault Interrogation Delay Time delay: 0-15 sec. adjustable Provides a delay between fault detection & system shut-down - eliminating nuisance trips/unnecessary Shutdowns. Mechanical Mounting: surface mount using (2) #8 screws Termination: screw terminals Weight: 12 ounces (341 grams) Easy to install and configure...wiring diagram on unit, simple 7-step push-button setup, guide included. 25-Fault memory and storage...clearly displayed in LCD Ultra bright LED indicators...shows current mode: Setup LED Load energized LED Control voltage LED Fault LED Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.25 x 1.4 Exclusive ICM Features 1. View all 3 voltages at once. 2. Front and back side fault identification. 3. Independent over/under voltage % adjustment. 4. ICM450 wiring diagram printed right on cover. 5. High-temperature LCD: -20 to +75C, -4 to 167F. 6. Line voltage programmable - (no step-up transformer needed). SOURCE 1 PART NO. ICM PART NO. REPLACES MLP $ S1-ICM450 ICM450 S1-52531424000 347.00 Spanish-Language Model SOURCE 1 PART NO. ICM PART NO. REPLACES MLP $ S1-ICM450-S ICM450S A-1: EAC-800, EAC-8000, EAC-8002 COPELAND: 085-0160-00 DIVERSIFIED: AC-2020, AC-301, AC-302 MOTORSAVER: 455 SSAC: QLM, QLV TIMEMARK: 265 WAGNER/Diversitech: DPT-3, WPC-800 406.23

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