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AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING CONTROLS 74 ICM 3-Phase Loss & Reversal Protection Features: Reliable 3-phase protection for single side Monitors for phase reversal, phase loss, unbalance percentage as a function of input voltage Bright LED indicators for On and Fault Highly reliable passive electronics Phase reversal detection on power up Specifications: High Voltage Cut-Out Setpoint: +12% Low Voltage Cut-Out Setpoint: -12% Power/Phase Loss Detection: Within 100 ms User Selectable Unbalance Voltage: 2%-8% Voltage: 190-480 VAC Frequency: 50-60 Hz Adjustable Delay on Break: 1-5 min. Relay Output: N.O./N.C. contacts: 10A resistive @ 250 VAC SOURCE 1 PART NO. MOUNT DELAY ON MAKE MLP $ S1-ICM408 8-PIN PLUG-IN 1-5 MIN. 153.40 S1-ICM409 DIN RAIL HEAVY-DUTY SPDT 225.82 HVAC Components LINE MONITORS ICM 3-Phase Monitor ICM402 The ICM402 is a low cost 3-phase line monitor, with a 30 amp output that protects against phase loss, phase reversal and phase unbalance. Ideally suited to protect scroll and screw compressors from reverse rotation. If all three phases are relatively equal and in proper sequence, the normally open contacts (Y/Y-OUT) will close when 115/230 volts is applied between C and 115/230 VAC terminals. If the phases are out of sequence, or if one is missing, the contacts will never close. Features: Low cost, single side 3-phase protection 30 amp output Bright LED indicators for fault and load energized Easy to install; no adjustments Wide operating range: 190-600 VAC Less than 1 second phase loss response Automatic reset from a fault condition Compact packaging: fits almost anywhere Rugged, epoxy-encapsulation for extreme conditions Works well with the ICM450 for load side monitoring of part winding start motors and multiple compressor systems Dimensions: 3.0 x 3.25 x 1.25 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION INPUT CONTROL VOLTAGE OUTPUTS MLP $ VOLTAGE FREQUENCY S1-ICM402 3-PHASE LINE MONITOR 190-600 VAC 50/60 Hz 115 OR 230/240 VAC SPST N.O. 30A 83.94 ICM 3-Phase Monitor ICM455 The ICM455 is a fully programmable 3-phase line voltage monitor with a backlit LCD, 50+ fault memory, and a real- time clock for accurate date and time stamp, 190-630 VAC (Control: 18-240 VAC). Features: User Adjustable Settings: Voltage: 190-630 VAC Frequency: 50-60 Hz Voltage Unbalance: Adjustable: 2-20% Fault Interrogation: Adjustable: 0-15 seconds Over/Under Voltage: Adjustable: 2-25% Reset Modes: AUTO or 0-10 retries Control Mode: ON or OFF Control: 18-240 VAC Delay on Break Timer: 0-10 minutes Output: Relay SPDT - N.O.: 10 amps - N.C.: 6 amps SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION INPUT CONTROL VOLTAGE OUTPUTS MLP $ VOLTAGE FREQUENCY S1-ICM455 3-PHASE LINE MONITOR 190-630 VAC 50/60 Hz 18-240 VAC SPDT N.O. 10A, N.C. 6A 83.94

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