Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 73 Air Conditioning & Heating Controls

73 IGNITION MODULES & INTEGRATED FURNACE CONTROLS Gas Heating Controls SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-ICM289 LOW COST, DIRECT REPLACEMENT FURNANCE CONTROL BOARD 292.57 Features: Low Cost, Direct Replacement Board For Lennox Microprocessor Based Design Controls Inducer Fan Motor, Blower Fan And Monitors Limit Switches Functions With All 24 Vac Thermostats Specications: Electrical Voltage Range: Line (98 To 132 Vac) @ 60Hz Cool Blower: 20A, 120 Vac Heat Blower: 20A, 120 Vac Inducer Motor: 5A, 120 Vac Cool Blower On Display: 1 Second Cool Blower Off Display: 1 Second Heat Blower On Display: 45 Seconds Heat Blower Off Delay: 90, 150, 210, 270 Seconds Replaces: Lennox: All Bcc1, Bcc2 And Bcc3 Circuit Boards, Including Models Lb-53622A, Bcc2- 2Rev8, 35K77, 35K7701, Lb-90089A, 65K29, 65K2901, Lb-50709Bd, Lb-65126A, Lb-89859, Lb-87086A, Lb-87086, Lb-63622Aa, Lb- 90676A, 40L8801, 30H6701, 48K98, 48K9801, 45K48, 45K4801, 78J6101, 68H08. ICM289 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-ICM290A CONTINUOUS RETRY IGNITION CONTROL 261.46 ICM290A Replacement for popular models, including Honeywell S8610U-3009 Specications: Control Voltage: Line 24V (18-30 VAC), 50/60Hz Anticipator Setting: 0.3A plus valve load @ 24 VAC Trial for Ignition: 15 or 90 sec (switch selectable) LED: Green status LED Provides system status and error codes Yellow Flame LED indicates ame presence and ame strength ICM Furnace Control Modules SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-ICM2801 FURNACE CONTROL BOARD 295.46 Replacement for York/Evcon 7990-319P control boards Specications: Line Voltage Range: 98 to 132 VAC @ 60Hz Igniter: 5A @ 120VAC Cool Blower: 10, 2HP, 240 VAC Heat: 5A, 1/2 HP, 250 VAC Inducer Motor: 4A FLA, 8A LRA @ 120 VAC Gas Valve: 1A @ 24 VAC ICM2801 ICM Furnace Control Boards SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-ICM2804 LOW COST, DIRECT REPLACEMENT FURNACE CONTROL BOARD 249.86 NOTE: This board functions identically as the CES0110074-00 and the CES0110074-01. It is the direct replacement of the CES0110074-01. When replacing the CES0110074-00 some quick connectors have to be changed or added. EAC-1 and EAC-2 must have 1/4" connectors. COM, SEC-1 and SEC-2 must have 3/16" connectors. ICM2804

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