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AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING CONTROLS 68 HVAC Components TIME DELAYS ICM Post-Purge Fan Delay Timers Series 251, 252, 253, 254 & 255 SOURCE 1 PART NO. REPLACES MLP $ S1-ICM251 MARS: 32377, 32378, 32379 64.26 S1-ICM253 FIELD CONTROLS: 46144700 GEMLINE: 1C216 MARS: 32393 47.10 S1-ICM254 HONEYWELL: S876A1016 WATSCO: PSTD-000-005W, PSTD-000-060W 51.40 S1-ICM255 A-1: 5893 BARD: 8201-056 MARS: 32393 RHEEM: 42-22515-01, 42,22515-02, 42-22515- 03 SNYDER GENERAL/ICP: 1395336 39.26 Adjustable OFF delay timer, controls the circulating fan in heat pump, and AC forced air systems... The Series 253 provides reliable OFF delay timing in a rugged package. The OFF delay is knob-adjustable from 12-390 sec. Knob-adjustable OFF delay: 12-390 sec. OFF delay purges ducts of residual air at the end of the heating/cooling cycle Helps increase overall system efficiency Epoxy-encapsulated circuitry Solid state reliability Low cost recognized: E118867 certified: LR 30320 Controls the circulating fan in heat pump, air conditioning & forced air systems. OFF delay timing function continues to run the fan at the end of the heating/cooling cycle, thereby purging ducts of residual air and increasing system efficiency. Power must be applied before and during the time delay period. When the initiate contact closes, the load energizes and remains energized as long as the initiate contact is closed. The time delay begins when the initiate contact opens. At the end of the time delay period, the load is turned off. If the initiate contact recloses during the time delay period the load remains energized and the time delay is reset to zero. Removal of input power during the delay turns off the load and resets the time delay to zero. A one second interrogation delay is provided to avoid nuisance trips due to thermostat bounce or tampering. Specifications: Input Control voltage: 18-30 VAC Frequency: 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 2 watts max. Output Ratings: max. 1 amp, min. 40 a, inrush 10 amps Voltage drop: 1.25 V max. @ 1 amp Time Delay Type: knob-adjustable only Range: OFF delay: 12-390 sec. Mechanical Mounting: surface mount using (1) #8 or #10 screw Environmental Operating temperature: -40 to +75C, -40 to +167F Transient protection: meets IEEE 587 standards for categories A & B without false output or degradation (6Kv 0.5 s x 100 KHz ring wave)(6Kv 1.2 x 50 s impulse wave) ICM Fan Safety Alarm Circuit Control SOURCE 1 PART NO. REPLACES STD PACK MLP $ S1-ICM6100 FAN SAFETY ALARM CIRCUIT CONTROL 10 254.09 Fan safety alarm circuit for air handling unit safety-shutdown Specifications: Input: 24 VAC; 50-60 Hz (4A max.) Output: - Relay Outputs (6): 2A @ 24 VAC/DC per output - Master Relay 24 VAC (2): 1.5A @ 24 VAC per output - Master Relay Dry Contacts: 10A @ 250 VAC Alarm Status: - Green LED ON = Activated - Red LED ON = Not activated

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