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68 IGNITION MODULES & INTEGRATED FURNACE CONTROLS Gas Heating Controls White Rodgers Mercury Flame Sensors The mercury flame sensor is a mechanical device that proves the existence of an acceptable pilot flame. It converts the heat of a pilot flame to motion which is used to open and close a set of electrical contacts, and consists of a bulb, capillary, diaphragm, snap-switch mechanism, and mercury-fill. When the bulb is heated by a pilot flame, the mercury is vaporized causing pressure in the capillary and diaphragm. Movement of the diaphragm causes the snap-switch to open one set of contacts, and close a second set. These contacts control the pilot valve and the main valve. Features: Bulb styles are designed to fit with various OEM applications. Adapter fittings to allow use of these mercury flame sensors with competitive burners are packed with controls identified with an asterisk(*). A.G.A. Design certified and C.G.A. Certified. Maximum temp. 1450F at bulb tip. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION INPUT VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL RATING BULB STYLE MLP S1-3049-115 REPLACES BULB STYLES #17 OR #18 48 D #20 549.90 S1-3098-134 REPLACES BULB STYLES #9 OR #13 48 E #19 549.90 S1-3098-156 REPLACES BULB STYLES #17 OR #18 48 E #20 549.90 *Adapter fittings packed with control White Rodgers Pilot Relite Control Ignition control generates spark pulses to ignite pilot gas. The relite control generates sparks until a pilot flame is sensed between the electrode and ground. The relite control detects a flame through flame conduction (ability of a flame to conduct a current). When flame current is sensed between the electrode and pilot burner ground, the relite control stops sparking. If the flame is extinguished during the heat call, the relite control will begin sparking the instant the flame goes out. Features: A.G.A. Design certified and C.G.A. certified. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION INPUT VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL RATING MLP S1-5059-23 SPARK PLUG AND 1/4 SPADE CONNECTORS 24 VAC 0.03 AMPS 253.97 Honeywell Switching Relay Provide intermediate switching of a line voltage device from a low voltage controller. Features: Integral transformer provides low voltage power for control circuit. Specifications: Application: For switching one line voltage load Frequency: 60 Hz; 50 Hz Temperature Range (F): 115F Max. Ambient for 60 Hz Temperature Range (C): 46C Max. Ambient for 60 Hz Dimensions (in.): 5-1/4H x 4-1/4W x 2-5/16D Dimensions (mm): 133 mm H x 108 mm W x 59 mm D Electrical Ratings -Primary Voltage: 120V Electrical Connections (Control Circuit): 2-Wire Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL Listed: File no. E4436, Guide no. XAPX; Canadian Standards Association CSA Certified. Includes: Integral transformer, enclosure. Contacts Electrical Ratings (240 VAC): 5.1AFL, 30.6 ALR, 6.0A resistive. SOURCE 1 PART NO. SWITCHING ACTION CONTACTS ELECTRICAL RATINGS COIL RATINGS MLP AFL ALR RESISTIVE CURRENT VOLTAGE S1-RA89A1074 SPST 10.2 61.2 10.0A 0.4A 24 VAC 178.12 S9200U1000 Hot Surface Ignition Integrated Furnace Control Universal integrated furnace control replaces multiple single stage field installed hot surface ignition IFC supplied by White Rodgers and UTEC. Uses 120 VAC igniter. Includes instructions special wire harnesses for easy replacement. Features: Main burner ignition using a 120V hot surface igniter. Flame rectification circuit to monitor flame presence. Monitoring of system pressure switch, high temperature limit, and rollout functions. Appliance operation/safety requirements controlled via microprocessor. Control of a standard induction-type circulating fan motor (based on appliance requirements), in response to a conventional low voltage or EnviraCOM thermostat. LED system status, performance and diagnostic indication. Wire harnesses provided for simple replacement of most IFCs and integration with most heating and cooling appliances. Twinning capability EnviraCOM communication capability to enable local and/or remote system status, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and HVAC system control. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-S9200U1000 INTEGRATED FURNACE CONTROL 334.04

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