Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 65 Air Conditioning & Heating Controls

65 Source 1 Silicon Carbide Igniters Source 1s hot surface igniters are made of high purity recrystallized silicon carbide to provide reliable ignition in a variety of heating systems. Replaces Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, Trane, and others Can reach ignition temperature(s) in 17 seconds 18-gauge nickel chrome lead wires enclosed with high-temperature fiberglass insulation Compare to Robertshaw R 41-400 Series See following table for cross-reference information. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-HSI-401 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,401,5.5 INCH LEAD 43.07 S1-HSI-402 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,402,19.125 INCH LEAD 41.84 S1-HSI-403 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,403,5.5 INCH LEAD 38.59 S1-HSI-404 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,404,5.25 INCH LEAD 50.00 S1-HSI-405 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,405,5.5 INCH LEAD 43.07 S1-HSI-406 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,406,11 INCH LEAD 43.29 S1-HSI-407 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,407,5 INCH LEAD 38.59 S1-HSI-408 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,408,5.25 INCH LEAD 40.26 S1-HSI-409 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,409,5.25 INCH LEAD 38.59 S1-HSI-410 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,410,4.5 INCH LEAD 40.26 S1-HSI-411 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,411,5.25 INCH LEAD 43.07 S1-HSI-412 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,412,5.25 INCH LEAD 41.84 S1-HSI-414 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,414,5.25 INCH LEAD 46.75 S1-HSI-418 IGNITER,HOT SURFACE,418,5.25 INCH LEAD 43.07 POWER GENERATORS, THERMOCOUPLES, HOT SURFACE IGNITERS, FLAME SENSORS Gas Heating Controls OEM PART NO. SOURCE 1 PART NO. OEM PART NO. SOURCE 1 PART NO. OEM PART NO. SOURCE 1 PART NO. AMANA MODINE ROBERTS GORDON B1336102 S1-HSI-401 5H75032 N/A 90434300 S1-HSI-409 D99182 S1-HSI-401* MOR-FLO 904366600 S1-HSI-402 10041601 S1-HSI-401* 3200580 S1-HSI-406* SMITH HB AMERICAN APPLIANCE 3200618 S1-HSI-402 50018 S1-HSI-405* 271B S1-HSI-406* 3210401 S1-HSI-406 SYNDER GENERAL AMERICAN ROAD EQUIPMENT NORDYNE 1380672 S1-HSI-409* 201W S1-HSI-402 105141000 S1-HSI-402 1380680 S1-HSI-409* ARMSTRONG AIR 632-0880 S1-HSI-402 1380654 S1-HSI-403 3822B001 S1-HSI-402 632-0770 S1-HSI-402 TRANE COMPANY CARRIER CORP FC007 N/A B138196P01 S1-HSI-403 LH33ZS001A S1-HSI-409* 902661 N/A B144676P02 S1-HSI-407* LH33ZS002 S1-HSI-409* FC047K N/A B340039P01 S1-HSI-408* COLEMAN/EVCON 903110 N/A 340039P01 S1-HSI-402 1474-051 S1-HSI-402 NORTON IGN21 1474-052 S1-HSI-402 201 S1-HSI-403 IGN23 S1-HSI-402 COMFORT ZONE 201A S1-HSI-401 IGN26 S1-HSI-409* 150114-04-01 S1-HSI-406 201D S1-HSI-405 IGN26 S1-HSI-403 DETROIT RADIANT 201J S1-HSI-406 IGN30 S1-HSI-407* 201D S1-HSI-405 201K S1-HSI-402 IGN30 S1-HSI-403 DMO INDUSTRIES 201L S1-HSI-402 3033 KIT N/A 20834 S1-HSI-402 201N S1-HSI-402 VIESSMAN DORNBACK FURNACE 201R S1-HSI-402 9302-094 S1-HSI-405 271W S1-HSI-402 201W S1-HSI-402 WAYNE HOME EQUIPMENT DUCANE 201Y S1-HSI-406 62821-001 S1-HSI-402 20015201 S1-HSI-409* 271 S1-HSI-403 62821-002 S1-HSI-402 ENERCO TECH 271A S1-HSI-401 WELL MCLAIN 10399 S1-HSI-402 271P S1-HSI-405 511-330-139 S1-HSI-409* GOODMAN 271M S1-HSI-406 511-330-188 S1-HSI-406* B1401009 S1-HSI-412* 271N S1-HSI-402 511-330-193 S1-HSI-403 B1401015S N/A 271NM S1-HSI-412 WILLIAMSON B1401018S S1-HSI-418 271W S1-HSI-402 9050 S1-HSI-402 B1401015 S1-HSI-418 271Y S1-HSI-406 YORK INTERNATIONAL HUPP INDUSTRIES PERFECTION SCHWANK 025-27766-000 S1-HSI-405* 9050 S1-HSI-402 108803-G1 S1-HSI-406 025-27774-000 S1-HSI-405* INTERCITY RAYPAK 025-29043-000 S1-HSI-405* 1009604 S1-HSI-412* 600915 S1-HSI-403 025-29050-000 S1-HSI-405* MAJESTIC RHEEM 75-92-104 S1-HSI-402 62-22441-01 S1-HSI-408 75-92-105 S1-HSI-402 62-22441-01 S1-HSI-402 METZGER 62-22868-82 S1-HSI-411* 201N S1-HSI-402 SP-10972 N/A 201W S1-HSI-402

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