Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 64 Air Conditioning & Heating Controls

64 White Rodgers Universal Replacement Thermocouples High temperature stainless steel element specially designed for universal replacement. Features: Stainless steel element construction for prolonged thermocouple life. Each kit individually enclosed in plastic. Universal adapter fittings included with each kit for replacing thermocouple in most types of pilot burners. Visible instructions for quick, easy installation. POWER GENERATORS, THERMOCOUPLES, HOT SURFACE IGNITERS, FLAME SENSORS Gas Heating Controls SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-H06E-18 UNIVERSAL 18 THERMOCOUPLE 12.12 S1-H06E-24 UNIVERSAL 24 THERMOCOUPLE 12.74 S1-H06E-30 UNIVERSAL 30 THERMOCOUPLE 13.42 S1-H06E-36 UNIVERSAL 36 THERMOCOUPLE 14.00 S1-H06E-48 UNIVERSAL 48 THERMOCOUPLE 16.16 S1-H06E-72 UNIVERSAL 72 THERMOCOUPLE 25.43 White Rodgers 750 Millivolt Power Generator Provides power for 750 millivolt self-generation control systems. Features: For replacement of similar screw-in type generators now in field or for use with type E31- 12 pilot burner. G01A-332 has 36 inch armored cable leads with split-spade terminals. PG9 Adapter included with each G01A-332. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-G01A-332 750 MV W/36 LEADS (ARMORED CABLE) AND PG9 ADAPTER 117.55 S1-G01A-512 750 MV W/36 LEADS (FIBERGLASS) WITH F SPADE CLIPS 96.53 Honeywell Q313 Thermopile Generator SOURCE 1 PART NO. LEAD LENGTH RESISTANCE ACCESSORIES INCLUDED MLP S1-Q313A1055 47 IN. (1194 MM) 2.90 OHM 1/2 IN. THERMOPILE ATTACHING NUT 135.70 S1-Q313A1139 35 IN. (889 MM) 2.89 OHM PUSH-IN CLIP 131.93 S1-Q313A1170 35 IN (889 MM) 2.89 OHMS PG9 ADAPTER AND 1/2 IN. THERMOPILE ATTACHING NUT 129.07 Q313 Thermopile Generator contains multiple thermocouples connected in series to increase the millivoltage output. The power generated is sufficient to operate an automatic millivolt gas control system, independent of any outside power source. Features: Push-in clip, split nut, and adapter assembly for easy pilot burner installation. Spade or quick-connect terminals available for millivolt gas control connections. Male nut connector for Pilotstat safety control power units. Available in a variety of lead lengths. Specifications: Voltage 750 mV Connection Type Spade Terminals Open Circuit Output (mV) 600 mV to 750 mV Temperature Ratings (F) Hot Junction 1400 F Temperature Ratings (C) Hot Junction 760 C Temperature Ratings (F) Cold Junction 780 F Temperature Ratings (C) Cold Junction 416 C Used With Q314, Q324, Q327, Q377, Q379, Q382 Pilot Burners Honeywell Q314 Pilot Burners SOURCE 1 PART NO. FRONT TIP DIRECTION MLP S1-Q314A4586 FRONT 85.05 S1-Q314A6094 LEFT 79.93 S1-Q314A6102 FRONT 85.64 Non primary-aerated, insert orifice type pilot burner for main burner ignition. Used with Q309, Q340, Q340 thermocouples or Q313 thermopiles. Features: 1/4 Compression fitting. B style mounting bracket. Single tip style. Includes special mounting bracket with screws to convert B bracket to A bracket

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