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63 SV9501 SmartValve System Gas Valve The SmartValveTM System Controls provide intermittent pilot gas ignition sequencing, pilot flame sensing, and both pilot and main gas control functions in a single control. They are directly compatible with the Q3450 or Q3480 intermittent pilot burners used with the original controls on many gas fired heating appliances. Features: Suitable for a wide range of gas-fired appliances including residential furnaces, rooftop furnaces, residential boilers, unit heaters, infrared heaters, space heaters and commercial cooking units. Replaces some SV9500, SV9501 and SV9502 SmartValve System models. Ignition sequence includes timed trial for ignition. Pilot gas outlet Specifications: Flame Sense: Electrode Ignition System Type: Intermittent hot surface pilot ignition Ignition Sequence: Intermittent pilot Ignition Source: Pilot Ignition Trials to Lockout: Continuous retry Ignition Trial Time: 90 sec. Flame Failure Response Time: 1.6 sec. @ 3 A Prepurge: None Body Pattern: Straight-through Opening Characteristics: Standard opening Ambient Temperature Range: -40 to +175F (-40 to +79C) Electrical Ratings: 24 VAC Frequency: 60 Hz/50 Hz Approvals: American Gas Association IAS, IAS Design Certified: C2030017 HONEYWELL GAS VALVES Gas Heating Controls SOURCE 1 PART NO. GAS TYPE PRESSURE REGULATOR SETTING PRESSURE RATINGS CAPACITY INLET NPT OUTLET NPT MLP MAXIMUM MINIMUM S1-SV9501M2528 NAT 3.5 WC (0.87 KPA) 1/2 PSI (3.45 KPA) 200 FT3/HR (5.7 M3/HR) 150 FT3/HR AT 1 P.D. (20 M3/HR AT 1 P.D.) 0.6 M3/HR 1/2 1/2 714.54 Maxitrol Gas Pressure Regulator GAS PRESSURE REGULATORS SOURCE 1 PART NO. GAS TYPE MLP S1-325-3-1/2 MAXITROL 1/2 GAS PRESSURE REGULATOR - 10 PSI 50.21 S1-325-5A-1/2 MAXITROL 1/2 GAS PRESSURE REGULATOR USE WITH R325E1 124.48 S1-325-5A-3/4 MAXITROL 3/4 GAS PRESSURE REGULATOR - 10 PSI 130.64 Honeywell Q340A Thermocouples POWER GENERATORS, THERMOCOUPLES, HOT SURFACE IGNITERS, FLAME SENSORS SOURCE 1 PART NO. LEAD LENGTH CONNECTION TYPE RESISTANCE MLP S1-Q340A1066 18 IN. 11/32 32 MALE CONNECTOR NUT 0.02 OHMS 22.11 S1-Q340A1074 24 IN. 11/32 32 MALE CONNECTOR NUT; PUSH IN KIT 0.02 OHMS 23.07 S1-Q340A1090 36 IN. 11/32 32 MALE CONNECTOR NUT 0.02 OHMS 25.25 S1-Q340A1108 48 IN. 11/32 32 MALE CONNECTOR NUT 0.02 OHMS 28.00 Q340A thermocouples sense the pilot flame on gas-fired heating systems. The pilot flame heats the tip of the thermocouple, producing a temperature differential between it and the base to generate a small amount of DC power, measured in millivolts. Features: Push-in clip, split nut, and adapter assembly for easy pilot burner installation. Spade or quick-connect terminals available for millivolt gas control connections. Male nut connector for Pilotstat safety control power units. Available in a variety of lead lengths. Adapter and Push In clip included Honeywell Pilot Burner for Natural Gas SOURCE 1 PART NO. MOUNTING BRACKET COMPRESSION FITTING LENGTH ORIFICE MLP S1-Q345A1305 B 0.78 IN. BCR-18 (0.018 IN.) 97.14 Nonprimary-aerated combination pilot burner and igniter. Used with the S86, S860, S8610, or S8670 in intermittent pilot systems. Features: Includes pilot burner with bracket, ceramic insulated Kanthal flame rod/spark igniter and ground strap. Specifications: Type of Gas: Natural Direction of Front Tip: (F) Front Tip Style: Single Aeration: Non-primary Leadwire Temperature Ratings (C): Max. at electrode tip: 968C Includes: 1/4 cc inlet fitting and mounting adapter

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