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59 WHITE RODGERS GAS VALVES Gas Heating Controls SOURCE 1 PART NO. REPLACES S1-36H32-304 36E36-304 S1-36H33-412 36C81 410S1 36E24 203P1 36E24 206P1 36E24 209B1 36E24 211B1 36E52 214JS 36E98 202B1 36E98 304GR 36C81 451B1 36E24 203B1 36E24 206S1 36E24 209P1 36E24 211S1 36E92 201S1 36E98 204S1 36H23-401B1 36C81 451P1 36E24 204B1 36E24 207B1 36E24 210B1 36E24 212B1 36E92 201B1 36E98 206B1 36H23-402P1 36C81 451S1 36E24 204P1 36E24 207P1 36E24 210P1 36E24 214JS 36E98 201P1 36E98 206S1 36H33 313B1 36E24 202B1 36E24 205S1 36E24 207S1 36E24 211P1 36E24 214B1 36E98 201B1 36E98 206P1 36H33 314B1 36E24 202P1 36E24 205P1 36E24 208S1 36E24 211S1 36E24 214S1 36E98 201S1 36E98 301B1 36H33 415B1 36E24 202S1 36E24 205B1 36E24 208P1 36E24 211P1 36E24 218P1 36E98 202S1 36E98 304S1 36H33 416B1 36E24 203S1 36E24 206B1 36E24 208B1 36E24 211B1 36E52 214S1 36E98 202P1 36E98 304JS S1-36H65-401 36E96 227P1 36E96 231S1 36E96 231B1 36E96 234B1 36E96 238B1 36E96 314JS 36H55-201B1 36H55-403B1 36E96 227B1 36E96 231P1 36E96 234P1 36E96 238P1 36E96 257B1 36E96 314S1 36H55-202B1 36H55-404P1 S1-36H32-423 36C68-200 36C68-218 36C68-303 36C68-400 36C68-419 36C68-452 36C68-601 700-420 36C68-202 36C68-243 36C68-324 36C68-403 36C68-423 36C68-457 36C68-602 V845A1109 36C68-205 36C68-261 36C68-325 36C68-404 36C68-434 36C68-464 36C68-606 VR8304M4507 36C68-209 36C68-262 36C68-326 36C68-405 36C68-441 36C68-472 36C68-607 VR8345M4302 36C68-212 36C68-266 36C68-327 36C68-415 36C68-442 36C68-473 36C68-806 36C68-217 36C68-301 36C68-330 36C68-418 36C68-448 36C68-477 700-418 S1-36H64-463 1RC52 36C76-214 36C76-230 36C76-407 36C76-412 36C76-445 36C76-467 36D13-208 36C76-205 36C76-225 36C76-401 36C76-408 36C76-417 36C76-459 36D13-208 36H64-463 36C76-210 36C76-227 36C76-406 36C76-411 36C76-420 36C76-463 36D13-405 700-413 36J Series Universal Gas Valves SOURCE 1 PART NO. STAGES REPLACES MLP $ S1-36J22-214 SINGLE 36G22-214 183.61 S1-36J24-214 SINGLE 36G24-214 185.52 S1-36J24-614 SINGLE CARRIER 36G24-618P1 & 36J24-618P1 187.57 S1-36J54-214 TWO 36G54-214 272.63 S1-36J55-214 TWO 36G55-214 284.57 S1-36J55-614 TWO CARRIER 36G55-618P1 & 36J55-618P1 284.57 The 36J combination gas control valve is a versatile multifunction control designed to meet the requirements for use with non-piloted intermittent ignition systems (Direct Spark Ignition, Hot Surface Ignition). Models include fast and slow open single and two-stage valves. These valves are also convertible for natural/LP gases. Along with its reduced size, all control adjustments and features, as well as the system interface-wiring panel, have been designed on the top surface of the control for simplified application and easy accessibility. The 36J gas control is designed to meet today's requirement for maximum capacity, smaller size and highly efficient gas systems. Features: Patented coaxial solenoid design. Inlet and optional outlet screens help protect from debris. Controlled gasket compression. Tamper resistant screws. Built-in hose connections for simplified field service or Std. 1/8 NPT (optional). Conveniently located electric on-off switch. Versatile mounting. 36C Replacement Gas Controls SOURCE 1 PART NO. COIL VOLTAGE INLET-OUTLET SIZE CAPACITY AGA STANDARD GAS* GAS LP CONVERSION KIT REDUCER BUSHING KIT SIDE TAPS LINE INTERRUPTER INLET PRESSURE TAP MLP $ S1-36C03-300 24 VAC, 60 HZ 1/2 X 3/4 230,000 NAT YES NO YES YES 251.31 S1-36C03-333 24 VAC, 60 HZ 1/2 X 3/4 230,000 NAT YES YES YES YES YES 268.20 S1-36C03-400 24 VAC, 60 HZ 3/4 X 3/4 280,000 NAT YES NO YES YES 282.48 S1-36C03-433 24 VAC, 60 HZ 3/4 X 3/4 280,000 NAT YES YES YES YES YES 339.61 S1-36C03U-333 750 MV 1/2 X 3/4 230,000 NAT YES YES YES YES YES 391.77 Features: Valve may be mounted in any position, except upside down. Both main valve seat and line-interrupter seal with line pressure, assuring positive gas seal-off. Inlet screen, pilot gas filter and top operated main valve provide maximum protection against chips and dirt. Gas cock knob, pilot adjust screw and regulator adjustment are on top of control. Thermocouple connection on models with line interrupter and combination tab/screw terminals on 24 VAC models. Easy grip pipe boss simplifies installation. Built-in regulator system provides constant outlet pressure throughout entire usable capacity of valve, regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations. For use with all gases. (All models include LP Conversion kits.) Model 36C03 (24V) is for use with thermocouple (H06E Series, p. 99). Model 36C03U is for use with 750 millivolt power generator (S1-G01A-332, p. 99) and may be used with 250 millivolt system if nonanticipated room thermostat is used. Must be used in vented application. Specifications Regulator Setting: Natural gas, 3-1/2 W.C. Regulator Adjustment Range: 2-1/2 to 5 W.C. Ambient Operating Range: -40 to +175 F (-40 to +79 C) Maximum Pressure Rating: 1/2 PSI (14.0 W.C.) Pilot Gas Connection: 1/4 compression fitting furnished. Pressure Tap: 1/8 NPT. Body Pattern: Straight through.

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