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58 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Controls REFRIGERATION BALL VALVES Sporlan EBV Refrigeration Ball Valves SOURCE 1 PART NO. SPORLAN MODEL NO CONNECTION SIZE MLP $ S1-SV-502029 EBV-1020 1/4 SWEAT 76.00 S1-502031 EBV-1030 3/8 SWEAT 75.82 S1-502033 EBV-1040 1/2 SWEAT 75.43 S1-502035 EBV-1050 5/8 SWEAT 83.18 S1-SV-502037 EBV-1060 3/4 SWEAT 108.21 S1-502039 EBV-1070 7/8 SWEAT 108.21 S1-502041 EBV-1090 1-1/8 SWEAT 163.96 Features: Forged brass body construction with extended copper ttings Full-size ports for unrestricted ow on most sizes (1/4" through 3-1/8") Dual Teon seals surround the polished, brass ball with a secondary seal to prevent leakage due to foreign material Dual Teon stem seals with internal packing nut for the primary seal; no synthetic "O" rings Fully open to fully closed with a 1/4-turn Positive movement ensured with internal, forged mechanical stops No need to remove the seal cap to open or close the valve Ball internal relief port design ensures positive shut-off in either ow direction-even during system evacuation Full refrigeration service temperature range: -40F to 325F (-40C to 149C) Design working pressure: 700 psig Sporlan EBVT Refrigeration Ball Valves SOURCE 1 PART NO. SPORLAN MODEL NO CONNECTION SIZE MLP $ S1-SV-502030 EBVT-1020 1/4 SWEAT 85.21 S1-SV-502032 EBVT-1030 3/8 SWEAT 85.04 S1-SV-502034 EBVT-1040 1/2 SWEAT 84.61 S1-SV-502036 EBVT-1050 5/8 SWEAT 92.57 S1-SV-502038 EBVT-1060 3/4 SWEAT 117.46 S1-SV-502040 EBVT-1070 7/8 SWEAT 117.46 S1-SV-502042 EBVT-1090 1-1/8 SWEAT 173.18 S1-SV-502044 EBVT-1110 1-3/8 SWEAT 280.00 S1-SV-502046 EBVT-1130 1-5/8 SWEAT 313.50 WHITE RODGERS GAS VALVES Gas Heating Controls 36H Series Universal Fast Open High Capacity Gas Valves SOURCE 1 PART NO. STAGES MLP $ S1-36H32-214 SINGLE 251.39 S1-36H32-304 SINGLE 288.82 S1-36H32-423 SINGLE 287.79 S1-36H33-412 SINGLE 305.18 S1-36H64-463 TWO 372.04 S1-36H65-401 TWO 391.32 36H valves are used for proven pilot applications, and can replace more than 93 valves in the 36C68/36C76 series. Improvements over the 36C series include: eld convertible from Natural to LP, independently eld adjustable two- stage regulators and electric on/off switch. Features: 320K BTU at 1" pressure drop versus 280K BTU at 1" for the 36C series Diaphragm size increased 15% over 36C series resulting in improved regulation set point stability Quiet design, DC rectied Independently adjustable high/low two stage Direct ignition or proven pilot 24 volt, 50/60 Hz 0.75" x 0.75"; 0.25" press tap in and out 50k-400k BTU range of regulation Straight through design Conversion Kits for White Rodgers Gas Valves SOURCE 1 PART NO. TYPE OF CONVERSION USED WITH VALVE TYPE MLP $ S1-F92-0656 PROPANE TO NATURAL 36C & 36E VALVES W/ REGULATOR RANGE OF 2.5" TO 5.0" W.C. 14.68

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