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AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING CONTROLS 57 HVAC Components HARD START DEVICES SOURCE 1 PART NO. APPLICATION CAPACITOR REPLACES MLP $ S1-ICM803 1/2-3 HP 88-106 MFD. 330 V KICKSTART: T05, T0-5 SUPCO: SPP-8 SPP-8E 92.10 S1-ICM805 2-5 HP 145-175 MFD. 330 V KICKSTART: KS1 95.95 S1-ICM810 3-1/2-10 HP 243-292 MFD, 330 V 106.56 Wiring Diagram Legend: C = Common Terminal, R = Run Terminal, S = Start Terminal, RC = Run Capacitor, RS = Rapid Start, SC = Start Capacitor Maximum Input Voltage = 502 VAC RMS (maximum run capacitor volts) Input Voltage = Run winding volts + Start winding volts Note: Run capacitor voltage is higher than line voltage. By monitoring the compressor current upon startup, ICM RapidStart is able to engage the hard start capacitor for precisely the correct amount of time, ensuring maximum starting torque without the risk of supplying too much current into the start winding. A timed safety circuit is provided in the event the motor fails to start within 2 seconds. Features: Operates from 95-288 VAC Patented current sensing circuitry Easy, 2-wire installation OEM-approved, Solid-state circuitry Boosts starting torque, Disengages upon start Recycles instantly (less than 1 second) Fuse protection Not affected by voltage or current fluctuations Not affected by ambient temperatures Specifications: Voltage: 95-288 VAC Maximum Input Voltage: 502 VAC Operating Temperature Range: -40C to +65C ICM Current Sensing Hardstarts SOURCE 1 PART NO. APPLICATION RANGE OPERATING VOLTAGE MAXIMUM RETRY TIME MLP $ VOLTAGE CURRENT S1-ICM857 1/12 - 1/5 HP 120 V 180 V 12A WITHIN 90 SECONDS 31.25 S1-ICM858 1/4 - 1/3 HP 120 V 180 V 12A WITHIN 90 SECONDS 31.25 S1-ICM859 1/3 - 1/2 HP 120 V 180 V 12A WITHIN 90 SECONDS 44.51 Features: For single-phase commercial and domestic capillary refrigeration systems and freezers Pre-wired for fast installation ICM 3-in-1 Hardstarts SOURCE 1 PART NO. VOLTAGE RANGE CAPACITOR MLP $ S1-ICM855 115-288 VAC 0.5-1.5 HP 43 TO 52 MFD, 330 V 21.38 S1-ICM856 115-288 VAC 2.0 - 5.0 HP 88 TO 106 MFD, 330 V 27.84 Features: Increases starting torque Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Technology Easy to install Low cost motor starting device ICM PTCR Hardstart Capacitors

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