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AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING CONTROLS 54 Hydronic Heating Controls & Gas Water Heater Valves Sweat less end switch zone valve, necessary for temperature control of a single zone in a hydronic heating system. Features: Use with thermostat with special heat anticipator designed for best performance when used with the V8043 Zone Valve. Require 24 V power source. Specifications: Body Pattern: 2-Way Pipe Connections: Sweat Valve Electrical Rating (Voltage, Frequency): 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz Valve Electrical Connections (in.): 18 leads Valve Action: Spring return to close Valve Dimensions (in.): Valve: 4H, 3-1/2W, 2-3/8D Valve Dimensions (mm): Valve: 101 mm H x 90 mm W x 60 mm D Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL Listed: Models V8043A,B,E,J & V8044A,B,E; UL Component Recognized: V8043F Approvals, Canadian Standards Association CSA Certified: File no. LR95329-1 HONEYWELL ZONE VALVES SOURCE 1 PART NO. PIPE SIZE MAXIMUM CLOSE-OFF PRESSURE CAPACITY MLP $ PSI KPA CV KV S1-V8043A1029 3/4 20 138 3.5 3 215.62 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PRESSURE REGULATION TEMPERATURE RANGE SHANK LENGTH MLP $ MAIN BURNER PILOT S1-37C73U-168 GAS WATER HEATER VALVES 1-1/4 SHANK LENGTH 3.5 W.C. FIXED 70 TO 160F (21 TO 71C) 1-1/4 283.09 *Outlet adapter fittings included For replacement of standard gas water heater controls with built-in E.C.O. (Energy Cut Off). Features: Automatic shut-off of main and pilot gas in the event of pilot failure. Pilot gas cock with safe lighting feature. Pilot gas filter. Temperature adjustment. Manifold pressure tap. Built-in E.C.O. (Energy Cut Off) non-cycling high limit. A.G.A. Certified. Specification: Inlet Size: - 1/2 NPT. Outlet Size: - 1/2 Inverted Flare Outlet Adapter Fittings (furnished with controls noted below): 1/2 inverted flare x 3/8 NPT reducer adapter. 1/2 x 1/2 inverted flare outlet extension adapter (F26-0021) Mounting: 3/4 NPT, 1-1/4, shank length, 4-1/2 bulb insertion length Pilot Connection: 1/4 compression fitting for use with Natural Gas WHITE RODGERS GAS WATER HEATER VALVES

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