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AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING CONTROLS 53 Thermostats AQUASTAT CONTROLLERS L4006A1678 Aquastat Controller High or Low Limit Overview Aquastat Controllers are immersion type devices for limiting or regulating the temperature of liquids in boilers, storage tanks, and other applications where temperature control is required. Features: Totally enclosed Micro Switch snap-acting switches operate on temperature rise to setpoint. Visible control point scale and external adjustment screw permit easy setting. Horizontal or vertical insertion of the sensing element. Direct or well immersion of the sensing element. Models available for strap-on mounting. Remote bulb model may be used to sense air temperature in ducts and in outside air sensing applications. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-L4006A1678 HIGH OR LOW LIMIT AQUASTAT CONTROLLER 303.09 Immersion-type controllers that combine high limit protection with switching relay control of burner and circulator motors. Features: High limit opens burner circuit only. Include transformer and accessory terminals for adding a remote low limit controller. Case available for horizontal or vertical mounting. Requires a 24 VAC thermostat with heat anticipator set at 0.2A. TRADELINE models include well adapter, tube of heat conductive compound and range stops. Specifications: Application: High Limit Operating Range, High Limit (F): 120F to 240F Operating Range, High Limit (C): 54C to 116C Differential Temperature (F): 8F fixed Setpoint Temperature Range (F): 240F Setpoint Temperature Range (C): 116C Switching Action SPST: High Limit & Circulator Anticipator Setting: 0.2 A Maximum Operating Pressure (psi): Immersion Well: 255 psi Maximum Operating Pressure (kPa): Immersion Well: 1757 kPa Electrical Ratings (burner AFL): Line Voltage: 7.4 A @ 120 VAC; 3.7 A @ 240 VAC Electrical Ratings (burner ALR): Line Voltage: 44.4 A @ 120 VAC; 22.7 A @ 240 VAC Electrical Ratings (burner millivolt): 0.25 A @ 1/4 to 12 Vdc Electrical Ratings (circulator AFL): 7.4 A @ 120 VAC; 3.7 A @ 240 VAC Electrical Ratings (circulator ALR): 44.4 A @ 120 VAC; 22.2 A @ 240 VAC Voltage: 120 VAC Frequency: 60 Hz Capillary Length (in.): 4-1/2 Capillary Length (mm): 114 mm Insulation Depth (in.): 1-1/2 to 3 less well. Insulation Depth (mm): 38 mm to 76 mm less well Humidity Ratings (%RH): 0 to 95% RH, noncondensing Maximum Ambient Temperature (F): 150F with 1.2 A 24 V load; 77 F with 1.4 A 24 V load Maximum Ambient Temperature (C): 66C with 1.2 A 24 V load; 25 C with 1.4 A 24 V load Electrical Connections: Quick-Connect / Screw Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL Listed: File No. MP466, Vol. 13, Sec. 2, Guide No.MBPR2. Approvals, Canadian Standards Association Certified: File No. LR1620, Guide No. 400-E-O HONEYWELL AQUASTAT RELAYS SOURCE 1 PART NO. APPLICATION MOUNTING TYPE DIMENSIONS MLP $ HORIZ. MOUNT VERT. MOUNT S1-L8148A1017 HIGH LIMIT HORIZONTAL 4-5/16H X 6-1/8W X 3-1/8D (110 MM H X 156 MM W X 79 MM D) - 510.28 S1-L8148J1009 AQUASTAT RELAY VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL 4-5/16H X 6-1/8W X 3-1/8D (110 MM H X 156 MM W X 79 MM D) 6-1/8H X 4-5/16W X 3-1/8D (156 MM H X 110 MM W X 79 MM D) 599.65

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