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44 Thermostats HONEYWELL DIGITAL THERMOSTATS Honeywell RedLINK Wireless Entry/Exit Remote Product Specifications: Hazmat Information: UN 3091 Lithium metal batteries packed in/with equipment Application: Heating and Cooling systems,RedLINK Thermostat Accessory Dimensions (in.): 6 1/4 in. high x 3 1/8 in. wide x 1 5/8 in. deep Used With: RedLINK enabled thermostats and accessories Operating Humidity Range (% RH): 5 to 90% RH, non-condensing Operating Temperature Range (F): 35 F to 114 F for optimal battery life Operating Temperature Range (C): 1.7 C to 45.6 C for optimal battery life Sensor Element: Thermistor Color: White Power Method: Battery, Lithium Coin Cell SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-REM1000R1003 REDLINK WIRELESS ENTRY/EXIT REMOTE 82.57 Honeywell REM5000R Portable Comfort Control Use the Portable Comfort Control anywhere in the home to experience a new level of comfort and convenience. Works in both zoned and non-zoned applications. Features: Powered by RedLINK reliability No interference with other wireless devices in the home Works with compatible RedLINK enabled thermostats and accessories Installs in minutes Touchscreen interface with backlit display Can display outdoor temperature and humidity Built-in pager with an audible noise helps locate the device in the home Screen-lock feature helps prevent accidental changes 1 year battery life 2 month low battery warning In Non-Zoned Applications: Bring it with you anywhere in the home to sense and control temperature from the room that you are in. In Zoned Applications: View and adjust all RedLINK enabled thermostats from a single control. Controls up to 16 thermostats SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-REM5000R1001 PORTABLE COMFORT CONTROL FOR REDLINK TSTATS 260.08 T7350 Commercial Programmable Thermostat The T7350 controls 24 VAC commercial single zone heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment. The T7350 consists of a thermostat and subbase. The thermostat includes the keypad and display for 7-day programming. The subbase includes equipment control connections. Features: Typically used in buildings under 55,000 square feet. For single zone rooftop units, split systems, heat pumps or hot/chilled water systems. 7-day programming includes 2 Occupied and 2 Not Occupied periods per day. Individual heat and cool setpoints available for Occupied and Not Occupied periods. Recovery ramp control automatically optimizes equipment start times based on building load. Convenient overrides allow temporary setpoint changes. Keypad multi-level lockout available with all models. The thermostat maintains programmed times and temperatures for the life of the product. Clock and day information is retained for a minimum of 48 hours in the event of a power outage. Specifications: Electrical Power: 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 20-30 VAC, 50/60 Hz Operating Humidity: 5%-90% RH, noncondensing Operating Ambient Temperatures: 30- 110F (-1-43C) Display Accuracy: 1F (1C) Setpoint Ranges: Heating: 40-90F (4-32C) Cooling: 45-99F (7-37C) SOURCE 1 PART NO. APPLICATIONS STAGES FEATURES AUXILIARY RELAY MLP $ HEAT COOL S1-T7350B1002 CONVENTIONAL OR HEAT 2 1 OUTDOOR, DISCHARGE AIR CAPABILITY YES 679.55 S1-T7350H1009 CONVENTIONAL OR HEAT PUMP 1 HUMIDITY, OCCUPANCY, OUTDOOR, DISCHARGE AIR CAPABILITY ISOLATED NORMALLY OPEN 1050.83 * All models are down-selectable; can be configured to control fewer stages than the maximum allowed. One extra stage (of either heat or cool) can be configured using the auxiliary relay. ** Heat pump applications for this model have a maximum of 2 heat stages and 2 cool stages. For Single- or Multiple Conventional/Heat Pump Systems

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