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426 STAPLE GUNS, CONDENSER TUBE CLEANERS & CALIPERS Tools SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-540-506 3/8" LEG STAPLES FOR T50 STAPLE GUNS (1250/PK) 4 9.21 S1-540-508 1/2" LEG STAPLES FOR T50 STAPLE GUNS (1250/PK) 4 10.14 S1-540-509 9/16" LEG STAPLES FOR T50 STAPLE GUNS (1250/PK) 4 10.79 S1-540-T50M T50M HEAVY DUTY STAPLE GUN TACKER 1 111.04 S1-540-T50MOC T50MOC OUTWARD CLINCH STAPLE GUN 1 168.18 The #1 selling staple gun in the world! Used extensively by building contractors, home do-it-yourselfers and specialty trade applications for tacking insulation, ceiling tile, window screening, cornerite, and 1001 other jobs ranging from light to heavy duty work. The T-50 Outward Clinch Staple Gun is ideal for berglass ductwork. Diversitech T-50 Series Staples and Staple Guns SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-545-420 9-1/2" TONGUE AND GROOVE PLIERS 53.82 S1-545-422 9-1/2" CURVED JAW TONGUE AND GROOVE PLIERS 53.82 S1-545-424 4-1/2" TONGUE AND GROOVE PLIERS 51.82 S1-545-426 6-1/2" TONGUE AND GROOVE PLIERS 44.75 S1-545-430 10" TONGUE AND GROOVE PLIERS 56.11 S1-545-440 12" TONGUE AND GROOV EPLIERS 58.45 S1-545-442 12" CURVED JAW TONGUE AND GROOVE PLIERS 60.25 S1-545-460 16" TONGUE AND GROOVE PLIERS 105.29 Patented design, permalock fasteners and reinforcing edge. Dipped plastic comfort grips. Channellock Tongue and Groove Pliers PLIERS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-6-T908 "MINI" LINEMAN'S PLIERS 11.46 For securing a positive grip on at objects to form a bend Serrated jaws for better grip Side cutter will handle most cutting requirements Overall jaw length - 7/8" (22mm) Overall length - 4-1/2" (114mm) Diversitech "Mini" Lineman's Pliers SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-2078108 GV8 GROOVELOCK 8" V JAW PLIERS 41.93 S1-2078110 GV10 GROOVELOCK 10" V JAW PLIERS 50.36 S1-2078112 GV12 GROOVELOCK 12" V JAW PLIERS 60.43 S1-2078116 GV16 GROOVELOCK 16" V JAW PLIERS 115.79 S1-2078120 GV20 GROOVELOCK 20" V JAW PLIERS 154.43 S1-2078709 2 PC. GROOVELOCK PLIERS SET CONTAINS: GV8, GV10 78.64 S1-2078710 3 PC. GROOVELOCK TRAY SET CONTAINS: GV8, GV10, GV12 151.18 S1-2078711 3 PC. GROOVELOCK KITBAG SET CONTAINS GV8, GV10, GV12 161.71 S1-4935095 GV8R GROOVELOCK 8" STRAIGHT JAW PLIERS 41.93 S1-4935096 GV10R GROOVELOCK 10" STRAIGHT JAW PLIERS 50.36 S1-4935097 GV10S GROOVELOCK 10" SMOOTH JAW PLIERS 52.86 S1-4935098 GV12R GROOVELOCK 12" STRAIGHT JAW PLIERS 60.43 S1-4935099 GV12S GROOVELOCK 12" SMOOTH JAW PLIERS 63.43 S1-4935351 GV6 GROOVELOCK 6" V JAW PLIERS 36.79 IRWIN Vise Grip Groove Lock Pliers have a push button design that allows for 2 times faster adjustability over the standard tongue and groove adjustable plier. Groove Lock Pliers also provide twice the amount of groove positions for precision adjustments. IRWIN Groove Lock Pliers

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