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414 HACKSAWS Tools SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-540-278BM0024 REPLACEMENT BLADES FOR HACKSAW FRAME 12" X 24T 3.75 S1-540-278HX0002 HACKSAW FRAME WITH BLADE 44.86 Hackframe featuring handle and end pieces made of die cast aluminum. Lightweight yet rigid and highly tensioned (up to 25,000 psi) for cleaner, surer cut. Permanent blade pins feature versatile angling (up to 55) for ush cutting. Blade can be inserted in handle to be used as compass saw. Frame will t most standard tool boxes. Diversitech Deluxe Hi-Tension Hacksaw SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PRODUCT APPLICATION MLP $ S1-12132HT50 HACKSAW FRAME (HT50) METAL/PVC 76.21 S1-20144V218HE 12" X 18 TPI 10 PK (V218HE) MEDIUM METAL/PVC 5.04 S1-20145V224HE 12" 24 TPI 10 PK (V224HE) THIN METAL/PVC 5.04 S1-20146V232HE 12" X 32 TPI 10 PK (V232HE) THIN METAL/PVC 5.04 S1-20997TFHS618636 TRI-FOLD SAWS-618636 DRYWALL AND WOOD 69.89 The Lenox HT50 Hacksaw Frame allows for up to 50,000 psi for straight cuts and stores up to 5 blades. All Lenox hacksaw frames come with T2 technology hacksaw blades that last up to 2 times longer than standard hacksaw blades. Lenox Bi-Metal Hack Saw Blades and Frames SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PRODUCT APPLICATION MLP $ S1-2009314CHC 7/8" (14CHC) METAL 76.68 S1-2009618CHC 1-1/8" (18CHC) METAL 83.75 S1-2010022CHC 1-3/8" (22CHC) METAL 94.25 S1-3087935PD PILOT DRILL (35PD) ASS'Y FOR CARBIDE HOLE CUTTERS 11.79 S1-308803CHCAS PLUG EJECTION SPRINGS (3CHC-AS) ASS'Y FOR CARBIDE HOLE CUTTERS 2.71 Precision ground carbide teeth for fast clean, round holes. Over-drill stopper prevents the cutter from crashing through hole. Split point pilot drill allows for quick penetration with out walking. Lenox Carbide Hole Cutters HOLE CUTTERS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SHIPPING MULTIPLE MLP $ S1-540-RB636W RECIPROCATING SAW BLADES, 6" X 6T 5 7.43 6" x 6T Wood and Nail Slope 3/4" x 6" x 0.05" DiversiTech Reciprocating Saw Blades RECIPROCATING SAW BLADES SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PRODUCT APPLICATION MLP $ S1-3001010L 5/8" (10L) METAL AND WOOD 24.54 S1-3001414L 7/8" (14L) METAL AND WOOD 24.54 S1-3001818L 1-1/8" (18L) METAL AND WOOD 26.57 S1-3002222L 1-3/8" (22L) METAL AND WOOD 28.00 S1-3002626L 1-5/8" (26L) METAL AND WOOD 28.00 S1-3003232L 2" (32L) METAL AND WOOD 35.18 S1-3003434L 2-1/8" (34L) METAL AND WOOD 42.46 S1-3004040L 2-1/2" (40L) METAL AND WOOD 45.75 S1-3004848L 3" (48L) METAL AND WOOD 47.39 S1-3006666L 4-1/8" (66L) METAL AND WOOD 77.79 S1-30830600R 9 PIECE KIT (600R) METAL AND WOOD 289.71 S1-30925VBX8 8" EXTENSION (VBX8) HOLE SAW ACCESSORY 53.79 Lenox Bi-Metal Hole Saws are built to cut through metal and wood. The patented Tuff Tooth and Vari-Tooth designs are built to cut stronger, last longer and resist tooth strippage. Thick backing plates also resist breakage in high torque applications. Lenox Hole Saws and Accessories HOLE SAWS AND ACCESSORIES

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