Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 393B Test Instruments & Tools

S1-TP-275 Slim jaw design & body for use in crowded electrical panels Measure up to 400 amps AC/DC Measure motor inrush and run current S1-TP-TLK3 Ease of use with pin and socket terminal block connectors Fits all major brands of instruments Flexible silicone leads for long life S1-TP-605 12,000 to 15 micron range, 1 micron resolution Temperature compensated 300 PSI overpressure S1-TP-709A740 Ambient CO testing Combustion testing: measure CO, O2, temperature, pressure; calculate efficiency,CO2, excess air and CO air free Kit includes A740 IR printer S1-TP-621 0.001 inches H2O resolution Wide range +/- 120 inches H2O Over range protection to 15 PSI Temperature Compensated S1-TP-719 Visual & audible leak detection Alarm light in tip 30-ppm (methane) sensitivity S1-TP-621C3 Complete kit with everything you need to hook up and use your 621: "T" barb fittings, barb fittings, silicone tubing, static tips and adapter tubing. S1-TP-750a 0.2 ounce sensitivity Detects all existing refrigerant blends, including 406A, Puron 410a and R-507 (AZ50) 400 hour sensor life under normal use; 800 including spare sensor Combustion Analyzer Combustion Gas Pressure: Temperature Compensated Manometers Refrigerant Leak Detector Digital Vacuum Test Lead Kit Amps and More Test the TPI Advantage

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