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393 COMBUSTION EFFICIENCY ANALYZERS Test Instruments SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-TP-709A740 ANALYZER, COMBUSTION, W/ PRINTER 1807.89 Combustion Efciency Analyzer and Differential Manometer. The carbon monoxide sensor used in TPI combustion ef ciency analyzers feature an on-board lter capable of ltering NO (nitric oxide), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) and NOX (combination of NO and NO2) to prevent cross sensitivity errors. Use TPI analyzers to test ue gases in gas and oil red equipment including high ef ciency furnaces and condensing boilers. Measure CO, O2, and stack temperature. Determine combustion ef ciency, CO2, and CO air free. Built-in differential manometer, combustible gas detection, PC communication, data logging, and can measure NO / NOX. Test Products International Flue Gas Analyzers ANALOG POCKET THERMOMETERS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-6-320 ANALOG POCKET THERMOMETER: RANGE -40 TO 160F 18.43 S1-6-321 ANALOG POCKET THERMOMETER: RANGE -0 TO 220F 10.57 Range 6-320: -40 to 160F Range 6-321: -0 to 220F Rugged stainless steel probe Includes: Protective sheath with pocket clip. Diversitech Analog Pocket Thermometer with Magnifying Lens TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE SENSORS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-SV-953595 KIT,DIAGNOSTIC,SMART SERVICE TOOL 1222.25 Features: The Sporlan SMART Service Tool Kit was developed to make HVAC/R diagnostic readings faster, easier, and more accurate. The kit includes lightweight wireless sensors that conveniently sync with an iPhone or iPad app, enabling you to read a system's realtime pressures and temperatures without using cumbersome hoses or manifold gauges. The app automatically calculates and displays superheat and sub-cooling eliminating manual calculations. All of this data can be easily recorded, saved and emailed from the app, allowing technicians to diagnose issues faster, look at trends over time, and provide proof of work. Think of how much easier a service call is when you: Don't need to carry a lot of diagnostic equipment on-site Don't need to disconnect the hoses and risk losing refrigerant Don't have to worry about what type of refrigerant is being used Don't need a second technician to help conduct readings and record data The Kit includes: Low Pressure Sensor (1) High Pressure Sensor (1) Temperature Sensors (2) Batteries (1 in each sensor and 4 spare) 1/8" MPT X 1/4" SAE adapters (2) Instructions Sporlan Smart Service Tool Kit Wireless Temperature and Pressure Sensors

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