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383 Test Instruments LEAK TEST GAUGES SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-TG-05 LEAK TEST GAUGE - 3/4 FPT, 5 PSI 65.71 S1-TG-30 LEAK TEST GAUGE - 3/4 FPT CONN, 30 PSI 28.79 S1-TG-30-1 LEAK TEST GAUGE - 1 FPT CONN, 30 PSI 39.71 S1-TG-30-12 LEAK TEST GAUGE - 1/2 FPT CONN, 30 PSI 22.18 Diversitech Leak Test Gauge SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-TP-605 GAUGE, VACUUM 310.18 S1-TP-608 MANOMETER, SINGLE PORT 284.36 S1-TP-621 MANOMETER, DUAL PORT 517.08 S1-TP-621C3 KIT, PRESSURE KIT 672.20 All TPI manometers feature temperature compensation to ensure reliable, repeatable measurements. Over-pressure protection prevents sensor damage due to inadvertent pressure spikes. Wide input ranges and high resolution increases versatility and performance. Features: Model 605: Single input vacuum gauge. 12,000 to 15 micron measurement range. 300 PSI over pressure. A safer instrument for your job. Model 608: The 608 digital manometer measures pressure or vacuum in four units of measure. Single input manometer with +/- 60 in H2O range. Four units of measure: inH2O, mbar, KPa, PSI and mmH20. Backlight display. Model 621: Dual Differential Input Manometer with 120 inH2O range and 0.001 in H2O resolution. The 621 features Seven units of pressure: inH2O, mbar, KPa, PSI, mmH2O, mmHg, inHg, Auto power off, Backlight display, Zero function, Trim mode to stabilize readings. Model 621C3: Differential input high resolution manometer with A612 protective boot, two A603 1/8 barbed NPT ttings, two A605 1/8 barbed T ttings, two A776 static tips, and A908 carrying case with shoulder strap. Test Products International Manometers MANOMETERS

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