Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 382 Test Instruments and Tools

382 Test Instruments SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MODEL NO STD PACK MLP $ S1-TT-120 120 VOLT AC OR DC TT-120 3 43.00 S1-TT-24 24 VOLT AC OR DC TT-24 3 43.00 S1-TT-240 MONITOR, CTRL, TATTLE-TALE, 240V TT-240 3 43.00 Tattle-Tale is a single use monitoring device for determining which, if any, safety control has opened in response to a malfunction. It saves many wasted hours tracing a safety control shutdown, even if it is intermittent. Here is a quick, inexpensive way to visually spot exactly where the problem is. Simply install Tattle-Tale in parallel with each safety control. When a control opens, the attle-Tale's red indicator l ag pops up. Use it to save hours of trouble shooting or install it before a problem arises, as part of your maintenance program to immediately identify which area of the system is experiencing problems. CAUTION: NOT TO BE USED WITH LOCKOUT RELAYS Features: Disposable Inexpensive Totally safe Simple to use Pocket sized Use For Monitoring: Safety controls Fuses Overload relays Motor protectors Freeze controls Limit controls Safety switches Fusible links Steam control Wagner Products Tattle-Tale CONTROL MONITORS Control Monitor Identies Open Controls in Seconds SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-02642203000 MOTOR TESTER, GE TECAMATE PRO 401.43 GE TecMate Pro DIAGNOSTIC DEVICES ECM Motor Module Diagnostic Tool

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