Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 38 Air Conditioning & Heating Controls

38 Thermostats EMERSON DIGITAL THERMOSTATS Emerson Blue 2-Inch Thermostats Features: Easy-to-read lighted LCD display Dual-poweredchoice of battery-powered or hardwired for all applications Fast (FA) or slow (SL) heating cycle anticipation Easy-to-wire push-connect color-coded terminals Compressor lockout protection Millivolt compatible Electric heat option Programmable Model Features: 4 time and 4 temperature settings per program (heat and cool) Energy savings up to 33% Permanent program retention during power loss Setpoint Hold Temporary temperature override two-hour minimum or until next program period Selectable Energy Management Recovery Meet Energy Star specifications (S1-1F82- 0261 & S1-1F80-0261) Meets California Building Code, Title 24 Specifications: Dimensions: 4.8W x 3.8H x 1.5D Electrical Rating: 030 VAC, 50/60 Hz or DC, 0.051.5 Amps (load per terminal), 1.5 Amps maximum load (all terminals combined) Standard Systems: gas, oil, electric, single stage/heat pump, millivolt Setpoint Temperature Range: 45F90F (732C) Rated Differential: 0.61.7F with adjustable anticipation Operating Ambient Temperature: 32105F (040C) Operating Humidity Range: 90% non-condensing maximum Shipping Temperature Range: 40150F (4065C) SOURCE 1 PART NO. DISPLAY SIZE (SQ. IN.) APPLICATIONS STAGES PROGRAM POWER ENERGY MAN- AGEMENT RECOVERY TERMINATIONS MLP $ HEAT COOL S1-1F80-0224 2.0 GAS/OIL/ ELECTRIC,MILLIVOLT 1 1 24-HOUR BATTERY,HARDWIRED YES R, C, Y, W, G, O/B 120.39 S1-1F80-0261 2.0 GAS/OIL/ ELECTRIC,MILLIVOLT 1 1 5/1/1 BATTERY,HARDWIRED YES R, C, Y, W, G, O/B 147.82 S1-1F86-0244 2.0 GAS/OIL/ELECTRIC, MILLIVOLT 1 1 -- BATTERY,HARDWIRED NO R, C, Y, W, G, O/B 97.86 S1-1F86EZ-0251 2.0 GAS/OIL/ ELECTRIC,MILLIVOLT 1 1 NO BATTERY,HARDWIRED NO R, C, Y, W, G, O/B 135.68 For Single-Stage & Heat Pump Applications

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