Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 349 Chemicals

349 NU-CALGON DRIP FEEDERS NO 215 & NO 1075 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-4669W3 DRIP FEEDER NO 215 115.99 S1-4670W3 DRIP FEEDER NO 1075 115.99 The No. 215 Drip Feeder is used for feeding No. 340 Liquid Scale Inhibitor, Cal-Treat 233, Ty-Ion C70 and No. 85 Algaecide. Each feeder is individually calibrated at the factory to insure accurate feeding. Provides the benets of continuous treatment for small systems without the high cost usually associated with automatic feeding equipment. The 1075 Drip Feeder is used for feeding the same chemicals as the No. 215 Drip Feeder except that the ow rate is ve times greater. Generally recommended for systems larger than 60 tons. Feeding Equipment NU-CALGON MICROMET FEEDER NO 20L & FEEDER NO 100L SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-46280 MICROMET FEEDER NO 20L 1122.98 S1-46500 MICROMET FEEDER NO 100L 2281.31 Steel tanks suitable for pressures up to 150 psi and temperatures up to 212F. Uses 3/4-inch FNPT connections for installing on bypass to any size line. Use No. 20L Feeder for initial charge up to 20 pounds. No. 100L Feeder for initial charges up to 100 pounds. ICE MACHINE FEEDER SCALE INHIBITION CARTRIDGE SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-NC-462113 SCALE INHIBIT CRTRDG, NUPLUS IMF-7 (M6) 132.02 S1-NC-462114 SCALE INHIBIT CRTRDG, NUPLUS IMF-10 (M6) 167.74 Ice Machine Feeder Scale inhibition cartridge. The translucent cartridge allows for easy visual monitoring of the product's usage. The larger IMF-10 will last longer or treat higher volumes of water. IMF-7: Replacement for AR-X 7 Housing IMF-10: Replacement for SS-10 Scale Sticks Ice Machine Cleaning & Filtration ICE MACHINE LIQUID ICE MACHINE CLEANER SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-420708 LIQUID ICE MACHINE CLEANER, 1 GAL 165.36 S1-420747 LIQUID ICE MACHINE CLEANER, 13.2 OZ 19.13 Liquid Ice Machine Cleaner is a food-grade phosphoric acid that is fast acting yet safe to use. It has been formulated for removing scale deposits from ice machines and coffee urns, and does not give off any harsh fumes or contain chlorine or chlorides that would attack stainless steel. SOURCE 1 ICE MACHINE CLEANER SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PACKAGE SIZE MLP $ S1-301 GREEN 1 GAL 4 60.54 *Sold by case/MLP per each Features: Removes slime and scale buildup and restores ef ciency of ice machines Fast acting, non-foaming Nickel Safe-meets Manitowoc spec. GES-6 for ice machine cleaner All food-grade ingredients

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