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348 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-46030 31-TX ACID PUMP 412.46 S1-46040 HK-31 ACID PUMP HOSE KIT 127.14 Scale Removal/Descaling NU-CALGON LIQUID SCALE DISSOLVER & SEASON START "IMPERIAL GRADE" SCALE REMOVER SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE MLP $ S1-433005 LIQUID SCALE DISSOLVER 5 GAL 227.18 S1-433008 LIQUID SCALE DISSOLVER 1 GAL 53.21 S1-436084 SEASON START SCALE REMOVER 50 LB 866.31 S1-436088 SEASON START IMPERIAL GRADE SCALE REMOVER 10 LB 195.44 Liquid Scale Dissolver is a hydrochloric (muriatic) acid that is formulated to remove calcium scales from cooling towers and other watercooled equipment. It contains low-foaming corrosion inhibitors and a built-in pH color indicator. pH test paper is included. Season Start is a powdered sulfamic acid formulation that contains the best inhibitors available for protecting all metals including galvanizing. It is the best and the safest dry acid cleaner available. It contains a built-in pH color indicator as well as wetting and antifoaming agents. Usage: As an initial charge, use 2.5 gallons of Liquid Scale Dissolver or 10 lbs. of Season Start (Imperial Grade Scale Remover) for every 50 gallons of water in the system. NU-CALGON NO 31-TX ACID PUMP & HK-31 HOSE KIT The No. 31-TX Acid Pump is a compact submersible pump designed for circulating strong acids and cleaning solutions. All parts are constructed of acidresistant materials. Motor is protected by thermal overload that stops pump if temperature exceeds 140F. The HK-31 Hose Kit is an accessory for use with the No. 31-TX Acid Pump. The kit includes two 1/2-inch tubing adapters, two 10-foot sections of 1/2-inch clear plastic tubing and three hose clamps. NU-CALGON SCALEKLEEN SCALE REMOVER Restores equipment to peak operating efciency by removing scale build-up. Quickly removes limescale from coffee brewers. Ideal for deliming steam and ware washing equipment. Great for ofce coffee system (OCS) applications. Non-toxic, safe to skin and won't burn clothing. Sewer system disposable; can be poured down the drain. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-NC-462117 SCALE REMOVER, SCALEKLEEN, 7OZ PACK (M24) 18.57

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