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342 LIQUID ICE MACHINE CLEANER SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-420708 LIQUID ICE MACHINE CLEANER, 1 GAL 176.36 S1-420747 LIQUID ICE MACHINE CLEANER, 13.2 OZ 20.43 Liquid Ice Machine Cleaner is a food-grade phosphoric acid that is fast acting yet safe to use. It has been formulated for removing scale deposits from ice machines and coffee urns, and does not give off any harsh fumes or contain chlorine or chlorides that would attack stainless steel. SOURCE 1 ICE MACHINE CLEANER SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PACKAGE SIZE MLP $ S1-301 GREEN 1 GAL 4 62.04 *Sold by case/MLP per each Features: Removes slime and scale buildup and restores efficiency of ice machines Fast acting, non-foaming Nickel Safemeets Manitowoc spec. GES-6 for ice machine cleaner All food-grade ingredients NU-CALGON WATER FILTRATION PRODUCTS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-462101 FILTER HEAD, SINGLE, QC71 538.77 S1-462102 FILTER HEAD, TWIN PARALLEL, QC71 955.71 S1-462105 FEEDER, SCAL INHIBITOR, SR-X 549.17 S1-462110 FILTER, ICE MACH, NU-I20002 (M6) 221.11 S1-462111 FILTER, ICE MACH, NU-I40002 250.24 S1-462120 FILTER, WATER, NU-MC2 198.06 S1-NC-462112 FILTER,ICE/COFFEE,BH2 158.21 S1-462121 FILTER, WATER, NU-XC2 242.98 S1-462130 FILTER, WATER, NU-7CB5S 223.45 S1-462141 PREFILTER, WATER, EC-110 11.35 S1-462142 PREFILTER, WATER, EC-10 218.06 S1-462143 PREFILTER, WATER, EC-210 23.33 S1-462144 PREFILTER, WATER, EC-20 363.49 S1-462210 CARTR, FILTER, WATER, NU-PLUS CU-S 154.84 S1-462220 CARTR, FILTER, WATER, NU-PLUS CU 140.99 Ice Machine Cleaning & Filtration NU-CALGON WATER FILTRATION PRODUCTS, EVERPURE AND NU-PLUS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-470187 CARTR, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP24C 82.90 S1-470287 CARTR, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP24S 15.32 S1-470424 HSG, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP24DD 133.02 S1-470587 CARTR, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP246R 164.64 S1-470687 CARTR, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP24PC 132.58 S1-471187 CARTR, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP48C 165.36 S1-471287 CARTR, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP48S 18.57 S1-471424 HSG, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP48DD 168.25 S1-471587 CARTER, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP486R 266.03 S1-471687 CARTR, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP48PC 227.70 S1-471787 CARTR, FILTER, ICE MACH, NP48PS 77.74 NU-CALGON IMS-II SANITIZING CONCENTRATE SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-421134 IMS-II SANITIZING CONCENTRATE, 16 OZ 24.68 IMS-II is an EPA-registered sanitizing concentrate formulated exclusively to sanitize hard, non-porous surfaces to eliminate odors and slime growths. No rinsing is required. Formulated for general use in ice machines, ice cream dispensing equipment and other food processing equipment.

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