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324 COIL-TACK INSULATION ADHESIVE Coil-Tack is a low-tack, nonflammable, water-based insulation adhesive engineered for spray or extruding coil line applications. The low viscosity, low-suspended solid eliminates clogging within the adhesive delivery system, ensuring consistent operation. Coil-Tacks exceptional coverage and easy cleanup means lower application cost. UL 723 Listed. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-308580 COIL-TACK-WHITE-1-5 GAL 150.29 Water Based Insulation Adhesives HARDCAST ROTO-TACK INSULATION ADHESIVE ROTO-TACK is a mid-tack, nonflammable, waterbased insulation adhesive engineered for mechanical roll coating systems that rapidly apply adhesive to insulation prior to bonding to the sheet metal. ROTOTACK offers exceptional versatility, low viscosity, low suspended solids and easy cleanup, providing lower application cost. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-308574 ROTO-TACK,CLEAR,5 GAL 281.29 HARDCAST TRAVEL-TACK ADHESIVE TRAVEL-TACK is a self-contained, instant-tacking portable spray system engineered to deliver a low-pressure web spray that eliminates adhesive vaporization and overspray. TRAVEL-TACKs portability, limited equipment clean-up and low equipment cost make this adhesive ideal for shop or field use. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-308602 TRAVEL-TACK ADHESIVE 40# CYLINDER 747.40 S1-308605 ADHESIVE,DUCTLINER,TRAVEL-TACK, 40 LB 892.48 SEAL-TACK INSULATION ADHESIVE SEAL-TACK is engineered to seal cut ends of fibrous glass duct liner or to coat foam insulation. It provides exceptional vapor barrier characteristics for liquid chiller piping insulation applications. SEAL-TACKs exceptional strength and weather resistance provide application flexibility for both indoor and outdoor use. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION CODE MLP $ S1-308609 SPEED-TACK-WHITE-4-1-GAL ASTM E-84 55.68 SPEED-TACK INSULATION ADHESIVE SPEED-TACK is a fast-tack, water-based insulation adhesive engineered for fast-tacking spray applications where a quick, strong tack is needed. SPEED-TACK is used when the duct section is stored vertically before pinning. SPEED- TACKs tack time rivals that of solvent-based adhesives. It offers exceptional strength, low viscosity, great coverage and low suspended solids. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION CODE MLP $ S1-308589 SPEED-TACK-CREAM-1-5GAL ASTM E-84 286.43

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