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323 HARDCAST SURE-GRIP 404 A fast setting, pressure sensitive insulation adhesive. The self-contained spray system delivers a special low pressure web spray that eliminates adhesive vaporization and spray bounce-back. Limited equipment clean-up and low equipment cost. Solvent based, yet has limited flammability. This results in a more efficient spray system that works faster with no equipment down time for lower operational costs. Features: Immediate tack, strong bond Portable, self-contained system & spray cans Water and mildew resistant Specifications: Color: Green Consistency: Aerosol spray Spray Pattern: Variable web Odor: Solvent-like Base: Polymer Vapor Pressure: 350 mm Solvent: Methylene Chloride Coverage: Approx. 80 sq. ft. per 1 lb. of adhesive. 16 oz. spray can=80 sq. ft., 12 lb. cylinder= 960 sq. ft., 40 lb. cylinder=3200 sq. ft. Initial Bonding Time: 2 to 3 minutes Dry Time: 10 minutes Service Temperature: 35F to 200F Surface Burning: Flame Spread 0, smoke developed 0 (When tested in accordance with ASTM E-84) Flammability: Flammable when wet (flame projection test), Non-flammable when dry. VOC: 266 g/l Packaging: 16 oz. spray cans, 12 lb., 40 lb., 187 lb. and 375 lb. aerosol cylinders SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-302009 SURE-GRIP 404-4 74.82 Solvent Based Duct Sealants HARDCAST DUCT-SEAL 321 DUCT-SEAL 321 is an all purpose industrial grade duct sealant for all types of metal duct, glass fiber duct board, and flex duct, as well as duct fabric and flexible tubing runouts. It includes UV inhibitors for extended outdoor exposure and built-in iber reinforcement for added strength. This non-toxic water based product is solvent free and is suitable for residential use. Specifications: Color: Gray Consistency: Smooth creamy texture Base: Synthetic latex Solvent: Water Weight per Gallon: 10.6 lbs. Solids Content: 65% Viscosity: Thixotropic Coverage (per gal): Up to 320 lin. ft. at 3 width 20 mil thickness Shore A Hardness: >20 Flexibility: Passes 1/4 inch mandrel bend Time to Test: 48 hours* Service Temperature: 20F to 200F (-29C to 34C) Weather Resistance: Weather resistant Mildew Resistance: Mold & Mildew resistant VOC (less water): 57.2 g/l (less water) Pressure Classes: SMACNA , 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 10 inches w.g. Seal Classes: SMACNA A, B, C Freeze/Thaw Stability: Passed 5 Cycles Specifications Compliance: ASTM D-2202, ASTM C-731. USDA, EPA and FDA Approved. LEED compliant. SCAQMD Rule 1168. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-304156 DS-321 GRAY, 1 GAL, 4/CASE 45.07 S1-304159 DS-321 GRAY, 11-OZ CARTR, 25/CASE 5.29 DESIGN POLYMERICS SEALANTS DP 1090 Low VOC Solvent Based Duct Sealant is a smooth, solvent based, premium quality, UL Classified, high pressure/ high velocity duct sealant for commercial and industrial supply and return air duct use. Recommended Uses: Sealing joints, seams, and duct wall penetrations in commercial and industrial applications Sealing supply and return rectangular, round, oval and metal flexible ducts Up to 15 inches water column pressure Projects requiring LEED certification. Features and Benefits: LEED Qualified, Low VOC UL Classified California Compliant Excellent Workability Crack and Peel Resistant Mold and Mildew Resistant Excellent Adhesion Indoor and Outdoor Usage Minimal Shrinkage Sag Resistant Excellent Water and U.V. Resistance Meets Requirements of NFPA 90A & 90B, ASTM E-84, and UL-723 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-DP-1090-04-01 DP 1090 LOW VOC SOLVENT BASED DUCT SEALANT- 1 GAL 4 68.47 DP 1090 Low Voc Solvent Based Duct Sealant

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