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323 Furnace Cement & Smoke Cartridges SMOKE CANDLES Smoke Signal generates smoke by chemical reaction eliminating costly equipment and time to pinpoint leaks. Smoke tests will effectively and inexpensively reveal leaks in heating and air conditioning duct work, furnaces, reboxes, exhaust fans and smoke detectors. Smoke Signal is also excellent for observing air ow patterns, evaluating exhaust systems and testing smoke detectors. Smoke Signal items contain no explosive materials. Quickly Test: Ductwork, Furnaces, Smoke Detectors, Heat Exchangers, Fire Boxes, Exhaust Fans SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-NC-61302 CANDLE- 4000 CFT - 30 SEC 12 28.21 S1-NC-61303 CANDLE - 8000 CFT - 60 SEC 12 31.03 S1-NC-61304 CANDLE- 40,000 CFT - 2-3 MIN 12 28.41 S1-NC-61305 SMOKE PEN WITH 6 WICKS 1 141.94 S1-NC-61306 SMOKE PEN REFIL - 6 WICKS 1 105.28 Clenair Smoke Signal SMOKEYS Smoke emitter cartridges provide effective, low cost leak testing of heat exchangers, air ducts, tanks and boilers. Visual air balancing of HVAC systems. Cartridges produce clean, non-toxic, oil-free smoke through chemical reaction. Use also for re drills as well as the placement and testing of smoke alarms/detectors. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-14145 45 SECOND BURN TIME, 150 CU FT - 10/PACK 32.86 S1-14175 75 SECOND BURN TIME, 600 CU FT - 10/PACK 35.71 S1-14250 2-1/2 MINUTE BURN TIME, 1,100 CU FT - 5/PACK 54.93 S1-14340 4 MINUTE BURN TIME, 2,500 CU FT - 5/PACK 112.86 S1-14460 8 MINUTE BURN TIME, 18,000 CU FT - 1/PACK 228.61 Insulation Products, Tapes & Gum HIGH HEAT FURNACE CEMENT SEALING GUM Features: Easily formed by hand to any shape Seals out dust and moisture from joints Will not dry out or crack Firmly adheres to nonporous surfaces SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PACKAGE CASE/ORDER QTY MLP $ S1-H-2901 GUM CORD 8" BEAD X 25' ROLL 12 13.43 S1-H-2902 GUM SLUG 2-LB. SLUG 24 16.00 * Sold By Case / MLP Per Each DIVERSITECH DIVERSIGUM SEALING COMPOUND Non-hardening. For plugging openings through foundations or around refrigeration tube entry. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-6-202-1 DIVERSIGUM SEALING COMPOUND - 1 LB SLUG 24 6.23 S1-6-202-2 DIVERSIGUM SEALING COMPOUND - 2 LB SLUG 20 10.48 * Sold By Standard Pack / MLP Per Each

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