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320 Foam Sealant & Firestop Products BOSS 136 CONTRACTORS SILICONE SEALANT BOSS 136 Fireblock/Draftstop Sealant is a single component re rated sealant and is a noncombustible ller caulking used for reblocking applications in the annular space around wires, pipes, ducts, vents, cable lines and other penetrations to the building envelope. It is a non-slumping sealant that sets to form a hard surface. BOSS 136 can be applied to any gap or penetration where the speci cation is noncombustible and/or ASTM-E136 rated. BOSS 136 is to be used for interior applications only. The noncombustible speci cation is common to one and two family construction and to non-rated penetrations in multi family and commercial construction. BOSS 136 is colored red for ease of inspection. In the event of a re BOSS 136 will prevent the spread of re, smoke and toxic gases through penetration openings. BOSS 136 has been tested and meets the American Society for Testing Materials E-136. To pass this test a material must withstand 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit without exhibiting signs of aming after the rst thirty seconds in the test apparatus. BOSS 136 serves to form a "gasket or seal against air in ltration" Features: Completely non toxic and contains no asbestos or PCBs. Noncombustible Applied with a conventional caulking gun Easily applied sealant with water clean up capabilities An accredited re block/smoke seal caulk Single component system, no mixing necessary and no additions required Meets residential construction code approvals including I.R.C. For interior applications only Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrate material SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION BOSS PART NO MLP $ S1-BOSS13605 FIRESTOP/DRAFT SEALANT, 10.1 OZ 03221PK10 13.85 BOSS 333 TRIPLE EXPANDING FOAM SEALANT BOSS 333 is a ready-to-use, multi-purpose, polyurethane foam that expands to three times its original volume on contact with air. The expanding action lls holes, cracks and gaps more completely than standard caulks. BOSS 333 has excellent insulating properties and superb adhesion to virtually all building materials. Uses: Air sealing Partition walls with ceilings Through penetrations around cables and pipes Seams between chimneys, roof protection, roof panels and wall panels SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION BOSS PART NO MLP $ S1-BOSS33316 TRIPLE EXPANDING FOAM SEALANT, 16 OZ 01551BR10 13.41 S1-BOSS33324 TRIPLE EXPANDING FOAM SEALANT, 24 OZ 02455BR10 22.98

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