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314 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE MLP $ S1-430305 C-3 REFRIGERATION OIL 5 GAL 324.18 S1-430307 C-3 REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 65.68 S1-430405 C-4 REFRIGERATION OIL 5 GAL 324.18 S1-430407 C-4 REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 65.68 S1-430507 C-5 REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 66.11 Lubricants and Refrigeration Oils NU-CALGON C-3 & C-4 REFRIGERATION OILS These are mineral naphthenic lubricants. They are available in two viscosities: C-3 (RO15) = 150 SUS C-4 (RO30) = 300 SUS They are specically designed for today's high performance air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. These modern compressors run at higher speeds and generate higher temperatures so they require better lubrication. Use of these oils will insure continued efcient operation, providing the important properties required from an efcient refrigeration oil: good lubrication, good stability and good low temperature performance. OEM Approvals: Copeland and Tecumseh, among others. NU-CALGON CAN-VERTER OIL PUMP SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-48140 PUMP, OIL, CANVERTER 226.31 A hand-held pump used to remove oil from and add oil to hermetic compressors. Easy to use; each stroke pumps 1 oz. of oil. NU-CALGON EMKARATE RL LUBRICANTS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE MLP $ S1-431446 EMKARATE RL 32 H REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 228.17 S1-431464 EMKARATE RL 32-3MAF REFRIGERATION OIL 1 QT 69.33 S1-431465 EMKARATE RL32-3MAF REFRIGERATION OIL 5 GAL 964.13 S1-431466 EMKARATE RL 32-3MAF REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 208.17 S1-431645 ICI RL68H REFRIGERATION OIL 5 GAL 1154.13 S1-431646 ICI RL68H REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 235.20 S1-431776 EMKARATE RL68 REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 233.33 S1-431825 EMKARATE RL 170H REFRIGERATION OIL 5 GAL 1485.52 S1-431826 EMKARATE RL 170H REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 292.98 S1-431866 EMKARATE RL 220H+ REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 276.55 These lubricants are designed speci cally for use with the HFC refrigerants, and they have been developed to meet the performance demands of the refrigeration industry. The polyol ester base uids are speci cally formulated for optimum performance with minimal additive levels. These Emkarate lubricants are available in a range of viscosities to suit most refrigeration applications. Their higher viscosity index (VI) minimizes energy consumption at low temperatures and maximizes lubrication at elevated temperatures. The lubricants have excellent thermal and chemical stability, and are compatible with a range of elastomers, polymeric materials and other materials of construction. They are fully miscible and compatible with mineral oils and alkylbenzene lubricants as well as with CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs. Thus, they are an excellent choice for retro tting existing equipment. OEM Approvals: Various viscosities of the Emkarate RL lubricants are approved by all major OEMs, including Copeland and Tecumseh. POLYOL ESTER OILS (POE)

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