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309 Lubricants and Refrigeration Oils NU-CALGON PHASE III REFRIGERATION OIL SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-4320W8 PHASE III REFRIGERATION OIL ACID TEST KIT 47.61 Formulated for use on POEs as well as mineral oils and alkylbenzenes. An inexpensive, disposable test kit that provides proofpositive that acid level in refrigeration lil is safe or unsafe. Phase separation makes it easy to see change in color of acid indicator (even if a leak detection dye has been added to the oil). Just two bottles to work with. No glass to break open. Simple, safe, accurate and small enough so you can carry several in your tool box. Acid Test Kit Vacuum Pump Oil SOURCE 1 VACUUM PUMP OIL SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PACKAGE CASE/ORDER QTY MLP $ S1-2600 V.P. OIL 1 QT 12 17.46 S1-2601 V.P. OIL 1 GAL 6 106.82 *Sold by case/MLP per each Features: Highly demulsifiable-separates from water in 25 minutes at 180F Loosens dirt and sludge and cleans pump Combination of additives makes for true anti-wear lubricant and lengthens pump life Anti-rust ingredient protects internal parts Convenient flip-top on quart bottle Filtered to 1 micron for high purity NU-CALGON VACUUM PUMP OIL SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE MLP $ S1-438307 VACUUM PUMP OIL 1 GAL 73.30 S1-438324 VACUUM PUMP OIL 1 QT 26.84 S1-438334 VACUUM PUMP OIL 1 PT 17.17 Nu-Calgon Vacuum Pump Oil is a quality, high-grade lubricant that performs at the deepest vacuum. It has a very low vapor pressureand it has excellent lubricity for complete surface protection. It contains no additives or detergents. In addition, its broad package line guarantees the right package size for all levels of service activity from performing an occasional evacuation to conducting several every day. JB INDUSTRIES INC. VACUUM PUMP OIL SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION CARTON QTY WEIGHT MLP $ S1-DVO-1 PINT BOTTLE 24 25 LBS 15.84 S1-DVO-12 QUART BOTTLE 12 25 LBS 23.09 S1-DVO-24 GALLON BOTTLE 6 50 LBS 68.54 *Items are priced per each but must be ordered in carton quantities

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