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308 Lubricants and Refrigeration Oils REFRIGERATION & VP OILS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-NC-4319-24 LUBRICANT, PVE-FVC68, IDEMITSU, 1 QUART (M6) 130.46 S1-431914 LUBRICANT,PVE-FVC32D,IDEMITSU 1 QUART (M6) 142.46 PVE or polyvinyl ether lubricants are finding increased application and use by compressor and equipment manufacturers. The list of OEMs that have tested and approved Idemitsus PVE Lubricants is impressive. PVE lubricants exhibit excellent performance characteristics in air conditioning and refrigeration applications, and they are particularly well suited for use with HFC refrigerants such as R-134a, R-404, R-407C, and R-410A. In fact, PVE lubricants are compatible with all HFC refrigerants. In addition to its solubility and miscibily characteristics, the PVE lubricant provides for increased stability and lubrication. In particular, PVE lubricants do not hydrolyze in the presence of moisture, a very important feature in HVAC/R applications. Additionally, they are compatible with other refrigeration oils and process fluids. PVE lubricants also exhibit compatibility and performance with frequently used anti-wear additives. Nu-Calgon Idemitsu PVE Lubricants PVE (Polyvinyl Ether) Lubricants NU-CALGON TOTAL LUBE REFRIGERATION OIL TEST KIT SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-49960 REFRIGERANT, TOTAL LUBE, TEST, KIT 247.04 Use Nu-Calgons Total Lube oil Analysis Test Kit to stay on top of the management of your refrigeration oil needs. Simply visit your local HVAC wholesaler and purchase the Nu-Calgon Total Lube Oil Test Kit and fill it with the oil in which you want analysized. Mail it to the enclosed address and within a few days youll receive a comprehensive report providing you with all the pertinent information. Features: Timely and accurate Use with Mineral Oil, Alkylbenzene Oil and POE lubricants Reduces downtime and costly oil changes Avoid system failures and burnouts Secure metal container for oil sample Durable mailer NU-CALGON ZEROL REFRIGERATION OILS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE MLP $ S1-430805 ZEROL 200TD REFRIGERATION OIL 5 GAL 657.57 S1-430807 ZEROL 200TD REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 132.86 S1-431007 ZEROL 150 REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 128.57 S1-431107 ZEROL 300 REFRIGERATION OIL 1 GAL 158.79 Zerol Refrigeration is a high quality, synthetic alkylbenzene refrigeration oil. It is similar in many ways to natural mineral oil but has superior properties that make it particularly valuable in refrigeration and air conditioning applications. It is available in three viscosities: Zerol 150 = 150 SUS Zerol 200TD = 200 SUS Zerol 300 = 300 SUS Zerol Refrigeration Oil is recommended for use in all refrigeration and air conditioning applications using CFC and HCFC refrigerants. It is highly recommended by refrigerant and compressor manufacturers for use with the HCFC blends such as R401A and R409A as it provides many distinct advantages: excellent miscibility, thermal stability and compatibility with mineral oils. It is the oil of choice for R- 22 and R-502. It is also an excellent clean-up/ l ushing oil. OEM Approvals: Copeland (Zerol 200TD), Danfoss, Tecumseh and Bristol, among others. Alkylbenzene Oils (AB)

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