Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 301 Chemicals

301 System Flushing and Protection DIVERSITECH SUPER SEAL LEAK SEALANT SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-DT-971KIT SEAL,AC/R,SUPERSEAL TTL,1.5 TON LOW 12 136.97 S1-DT-972KIT SEAL,AC/R,SUPERSEAL TTL,1.5-5TON 12 174.04 *MLP per each/sold by the case Super Seal Total AC/R Stop Leak + Dry R + FLASH All the benefits of SUPER SEAL ADVANCED with FLASH UV dye to find larger leaks. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-DT-983KIT SEAL,AC/R,SUPERSEAL,SURESHOT,6 TON 12 148.11 S1-DT-984 SEAL,AC/R,SUPERSEAL,SURESHOT,REFILL 12 117.02 S1-DT-940 HOSE,AC/R,SUPERSEAL,SURESHOT,REUSABLE 12 34.63 *MLP per each/sold by the case Super Seal Sure Shot AC/R Stop Leak + Eco Boost Compressor-friendly Reduces noise and energy consumption Extends compressor life Eliminates 10 drops of water. Up to 1.5 tons - 1/2 syringe, 1.5-6 tons - 1 syringe, 6+ tons - additional syringe for every 64 ounces of systems oil. Kit includes hose, otherwise sold separately DIVERSITECH UV LEAK DETECTION SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-DT-980 DYE,UNIVERSAL,HIGH RESOLUTION,FLASH(M12) 35.21 S1-DT-20122 HOSE,CHARGING,REUSABLE,CLEAR (SOLD SEPERATELY) 32.39 S1-DT-98084KIT KIT,LEAK DETECTION,UV,FLASH,MINI PRO 84 263.72 S1-DT-98087KIT KIT,LEAK DETECTION,UV,FLASH,MAXI PRO 84 398.15 *MLP per each/sold by the case FLASH UV Dye Flashes into refrigerant as mist for instant distribution Fastest dye - search for leaks in minutes Highly stable - will not react with moisture Compatible with all oils & Refrigerants Required, reusable hose (20122) sold separately Kits come with 3 cans of FLASH dye, reusable clear hose (20122), heavy-duty storage case and choice of UV light SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-DT-450DCPLUS LIGHT,LEAK DETECT,RECHARGEABLE,BLUE LED 243.12 S1-DT-82DC LIGHT,LEAK DETECT,UV AND WHITE LED 153.56 S1-DT-84DCPLUS LIGHT,LEAK DETECT,SEEKERMINI,UV LED 138.12 S1-DT-87DCPLUS LIGHT,LEAK DETECT,SEEKERMAX,UV LED 237.97 S1-DT-88DC LIGHT,LEAK DETECT,BLUEFOCUS/STRB,GLASSES 108.50 S1-DT-89DC LIGHT,LEAK DETECT,POCKET,UV 55.30 *MLP per each/sold by the case FLASH UV Leak Detection LED Lights

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