Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 30 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

30 Refrigerant Handling Equipment LINE PIERCING VALVES AND TOOLS Core Removal Tool Designed to remove and replace valve cores without losing the refrigerant charge. Connects to any 1/4 male l are fitting. Saves time, saves refrigerant. SOURCE 1 PART NO DESCRIPTION MLP S1-VCRT-1 CORE REMOVAL TOOL 100.10 S1-VCRT-1R REPLACEMENT ROD ASSEMBLY 25.14 S1-VCRT-1RK REPLACEMENT O-RING KIT 2.89 S1-VCRT-1S REPLACEMENT SHUT-OFF STEM 26.40 S1-DT-301 REMOVER,VALVE CORE 78.74 Core Storer All steel valve core remover and storage container. Completely knurled for easier grip, eliminating slippage when using with oily or greasy hands. Core Storer features a compartment for storing extra valve cores. Four replacement cores are included with each tool. SOURCE 1 PART NO DESCRIPTION MLP S1-VCR-1 CORE REMOVER AND STORER 20.78 Insta-Tap Refrigerant Recovery Tool The fastest, easiest way to evacuate refrigerant before disposal of a unit. Snaps onto refrigerant line for full and immediate flow. Punctures super large hole for maximum full flow discharge to recovery unit. One tool fits all sizes from 3/16 to 7/8 O.D. hard tubing. Replaceable needle. SOURCE 1 PART NO DESCRIPTION STD. PACK MLP S1-QT-100 QUICK-TAP-2 - 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 O.D. TUBE SIZE 1 127.84 S1-QT-100G REPLACEMENT GASKET ONLY 3 11.62 S1-QT-100N REPLACEABLE HARDENED STEEL NEEDLE AND GASKET 1 13.93 *Sold by pack/ MLP per each. Line Tap & Swivel Valves The quick, safe and easy option to charge, discharge and test a line. Simply clamp on the DLT valve, attach the DCV-1G control valve, and pierce the line. The control valve features a port for connecting charging lines or gauges. The valve can swivel to any position and also be removed and re-used. These line tap valves are also difficult to tamper with as the line can only be accessed by using the special DCV- 1G valve. They feature a specially formulated gasket which can withstand heat up to 302F. Available in four sizes from 3/16 OD tube size to 3/8. The DCV- 1G is designed for use with all four sizes. DLT series line taps are also compatible with existing A-1 Components CV-1G valves and likewise DCV-1G valves are compatible with A-1 Components LT- series line taps. SOURCE 1 PART NO DESCRIPTION MLP S1-DCV-1G VALVE FOR DLT LINE TAPS 16.88 S1-DLT-3G LINE TAP VALVE - 3/16 OD TUBE 7.65 S1-DLT-4G LINE TAP VALVE - 1/4 OD TUBE 12.16 S1-DLT-5G LINE TAP VALVE - 5/16 OD TUBE 7.65 MAC - The Ultimate in Line Piercing Valves Install valve. Connect charging hose. Service. Thats all there is to it MAC features uniport: 1 connection for piercing and servicing. Sealed with refrigerant resistant O rings. Needle automatically back seats after servicing, leaving line free of restriction. Connect to tubing with 2 socket-head screws. (Hex wrench is included with each valve.) Needle depressor is inserted into head of needle. Wing cap is turned down easily by hand until line is pierced. Wing cap is removed and system may be serviced with any charging hose with built-in depressor. When hose is removed, spring loaded needle backseats forming a leak proof seal. Needle depressor is discarded and wing cap forms extra precautionary seal. SOURCE 1 PART NO DESCRIPTION STD. PACK MLP S1-QTM-1 MAC LINE PIERCING VALVE - 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 O.D. TUBE SIZE 36 10.17 S1-QTM-1B MAC LINE PIERCING VALVE - 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 O.D. TUBE SIZE 100 9.20 S1-QTM-2 MAC LINE PIERCING VALVE - 1/2, 5/8 O.D. TUBE SIZE 36 10.97 S1-QTM-2B MAC LINE PIERCING VALVE - 1/2, 5/8 O.D. TUBE SIZE 100 10.90 *Sold y pack / MLP per each

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