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297 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-NC-61053 PURCOOL TABLETS (200 TABLETS) 12 58.58 PurCool Tablets utilize a powerful formulation to keep condensate drain pans clean and free flowing, eliminating problems caused by plugged condensate drain pans and lines. Use PurCool Tablets to remove sludge and slime in A/C condensate pans, to prevent overflows and the costly water damage caused by such overflows. PurCool tablets are safe when used as directed. They are completely soluble in water, biodegradable, and will not leave any deposits on surfaces. PurCool Tablets will control clogs, build up, odors, and corrosion in drain pans, condensate pumps, and humidifiers. Also approved for computer room humidifiers. Purcool Tablets SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE MLP $ S1-418503 GEL-TABS 3-TON 48.91 S1-NC-418504 GEL-TABS (PK OF 200) 3-TON 489.93 S1-418505 GEL-TABS 5-TON 58.12 S1-NC-418506 GEL-TABS (PK OF 100) 5-TON 611.75 S1-418515 GEL-TABS 15-TON 40.98 S1-418520 GEL-TABS 20-TON 52.31 Features: Protects drain pan against clogs Gel formulation locks tab into place Completely dissolves Up to 3 months of protection Eliminates foul & musty odors Nu-Calgon Gel-Tabs Drain Pan Treatment SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-429660 PAN-TREAT CONDENSATE PAN TABLETS 58.76 Left untreated, condensate pans can suffer from the build-up of sludge, scum and other accumulations. This build-up can cause odors as well as plugged drains and overflows, which in turn result in water damage. Pan-Treat is formulated with ingredients proven effective in cleaning and preventing these deposits, and its use will eliminate the extra maintenance costs associated with odors, plugged drains and overflows. Pan-Treat is extremely easy to use, and is safe, non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable. The product is completely soluble in water and it does not form any deposits in the pan or drain. Nu-Calgon Pan-Treat Condensate Pan Tablets SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION TREATS SYSTEM SIZE (UP TO) SIZE MLP $ S1-429534 PANPADS 5-TON 3/4 OZ 15.15 S1-429536 PANPADS 5-TON SLIM 3/4 OZ 15.15 S1-429624 PANPADS 15-TON 2-1/8 OZ 38.09 S1-429645 PANPADS 45-TON 6 OZ 83.40 A revolutionary package-design of a product formulated especially to eliminate the buildup of bacteria and slime growths in air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drain pans. Combats a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria, including Legionella. Each size will provide adequate treatment for up to 6 months. Nu-Calgon Panpads CONDENSATE PAN TABS Condensate Drain Pan Strips, Tabs & Pads

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