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296 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-NC-61040 PURCOOL STRIPS - TREATS 30 TONS FOR 6 MONTHS 12 66.27 S1-NC-61041 PUR COOL STRIPS - TREATS 20 TONS FOR 6 MONTHS 12 27.06 S1-NC-61042 PUR COOL STRIPS - TREATS 5 TONS FOR 6 MONTHS 12 15.08 S1-NC-61043 PURCOOL STRIPS - TREATS 3 TONS FOR 6 MONTHS 12 12.67 S1-NC-61047 PURCOOL STIRPS - TREATS 3 TONS FOR 6 MONTHS (BULK) 100 1085.71 PurCool Strips are powerful, economical, preventive maintenance for A/C condensate drain pans. Just place them anywhere in the drain pan where the PurCool Strips will contact the condensate water and enjoy up to six months of economical protection. PurCool Strips will adhere to the drain pan and will not float or move. They dissolve completely, leaving no residue. Safe for metal and plastic drain pans. PurCool Strips keep A/C and refrigeration condensate drain pans clean and free flowing. Use PurCool Strips to prevent condensate drain clogs, costly overflow, and corrosion. Purcool Strips CONDENSATE PAN OVERFLOW PROTECTION SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-NC-61308 A/C DRAIN SUCKER KIT 6 83.58 A/C condensate drain pan overflows are a very common and costly service problem. The overflows are caused by slime and sludge that builds up and clogs the drain line. The A/C Drain Sucker quickly removes the clog and excess water, resolving the overflow problem. The kit also includes PurCool Shock Tablets to clean and treat the remaining slime and sludge in the pan and lines, as well as a PurCool Pan Strip to provide months of preventive treatment and free flowing drains. A/C Drain Sucker CONDENSATE PAN STRIPS Condensate Drain Pan Strips, Tabs & Pads CONDENSATE PAN TABS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-NC-61051 GREEN TABLET (ONE TABLET) 12 17.75 S1-NC-61052 GREEN TABLET (BULK) 100 1566.44 PurCool Green strips and tablets prevent slime and sludge build-up in air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drain pans. They utilize unique, environmentally friendly plant based suspending and dispersing action to prevent build-ups, overflows, and odors in drain pans. When placed in the drain pan, PurCool Green will slowly dissolve in the condensate water providing preventative treatment for 4-6 months. PurCool Green does not contain any harsh chemicals or biocides, making them safer for the user and the environment. Use in all A/C air handlers, fan coil units, window units, mini splits, and refrigeration condensate drain pans. Purcool Green Tablets SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION PACKAGE CASE/ORDER QTY MLP $ S1-CT-200 PAN-CLEAR 200-CT JAR 12 39.68 *Sold by case/MLP per each Helps control odors, overflows and water damage. SOURCE 1 Drain Tabs

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