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292 Coil Protection NU-CALGON CAL-SHIELD SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE MLP $ S1-414808 CAL-SHIELD WITH TEFLON 1 GAL 166.11 S1-414832 CAL-SHIELD WITH TEFLON 1 QT 68.64 Cal-Shield is a synergistic liquid formulation based upon DuPont's Teflon fluoroadditives. It is specifically designed for application on air-cooled condensers, evaporator coils and other finned heating and cooling coils where it forms a micro-thin or molecular ilm of Teflon. Once applied, Cal-Shield will shield and protect the coil from adverse conditions within the operating environment. Features: Ready-to-use product A food-grade product, made with FDA-approved ingredients Forms a micro-thin protective shield that does not affect heat transfer Reduces the ability of dirt and grime to adhere, making next cleaning easier Extends life of coils operating in corrosive environments such as salt air and food acids Corrosion Protection Products BRONZ-GLOW TECHNOLOGIES HVAC/R CORROSION PROTECTION PRODUCTS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-51303082000 COMPLETE KIT - 4 CANS 4 KITS/CARTON 185.00 *Sold by Standard Pack/MLP per each A Complete Coating System for Coils & Components of Small Tonnage HVAC/R Equipment The Green-Fin Kit is designed for providing quality corrosion protection for residential systems, PTACs, window units etc. A cost effective solution for effective corrosion protection on new or existing equipment with minor corrosive damage. On average the kit will provide coverage for 15 - 17 square feet of coil face area. This product is recommended for coils not greater than two rows in depth with fin spacing of 17 fins per inch or less. Successfully used in environments such as: Coastal, Paper Mills, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Oil Refineries, Veterinary Facilities, Restaurants, Food Processing Plants, Hospitals etc. KIT CONTENTS: 1 15.5 oz. Solvent Cleaner 2 15.5 oz. Primer 3 14.5 oz. Green-Fin Green-Fin Aerosol Kit COIL GUARD SOURCE 1 PART NO. MODEL NO. SIZE COLOR MLP $ S1-01302983700 C-20 20 OZ CLEAR 54.71 Coil Guard is ideally used in coastal areas where salt air accelerates rust and decay of A/C and refrigeration equipment. It is, however, highly recommended for use in all geographical areas to prolong the life of a unit and to protect condensers against industrial pollutants and oxidation. When applied properly, Coil Guard dries quickly, and immediately resists salt spray, alcohol, acids, and soap solutions. Weather will not blacken it. Coil Guard has high dielectric properties AND HAS NO EFFECT ON HEAT TRANSFER. Features: Protects against industrial pollutants, salt, acids, etc. Ideal for evaporator coil protection in food service applications Effective on all coils up to 24 fins/inch Protects evaporator coils against the build-up of the sources of Dirty Sock Syndrome Clear For Protection Of Coils And Housings From Rust And Corrosion NU-CALGON NU-SHIELD SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE MLP $ S1-NC-429475 COIL PROTECTANT,AERO,NU-SHIELD (M6) 9 OZ 61.50 A specially formulated super-hydrophobic (water repelling) product in a convenient aerosol package for field service. The non- conductive formula has numerous applications in the management of water on non-food, non-potable water surfaces for the HVAC/R trade; surfaces that are not exposed to ongoing abrasion (hand and foot traffic). Features: Slows ice formation on refrigeration coils/cold plates Provides added corrosion resistance to coils Improves corrosion resistance to system components. Provides added corrosion protection of solder connections on low voltage circuit boards. Self-cleaning properties reduce rate of grime on outdoor coils Reduces rate of bacterial growth on non-food, non-potable water surfaces Improves water dispersion in condensate pans

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