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AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING CONTROLS 29 HONEYWELL GAS VALVES Gas Heating Controls V800 Standing Pilot Gas Valve SOURCE 1 PART NO. INLET- OUTLET SIZE OPENING CAP @ 1 IN P.D. PRESSURE REGULATOR SETTING ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS ACCESSORIES INCLUDED MLP $ PSI KPA S1-V800A1088 3/4 IN. x 3/4 IN. STANDARD 335,000 BTU/HR 3.5 IN. WC 0.87 KPA COMBINATION SCREW AND 1/4 IN. MALE QUICK CONNECTS ONE Q340 THERMOCOUPLE, WO 3/4 x 1/2 IN REDUCER BUSHINGS, ONE 1/2 x 3/8 IN REDUCER BUSHING, AND NATU- RAL TO LP CONVERSION KIT 718.80 Used on gas fired standing pilot appliances with 30 mV thermocouple. These gas controls include a manual gas valve, safety shutoff, single millivoltage automatic operator, and pressure regulator, pilot gas filter and flowadjustment, pressure tapping, and thermocouple connector. V800 is used on 24V systems. Features: Include pilot flow adjustment screw. Easy to install, adjust and service; all adjustments and connections are accessible from top of control. Add separate energy cutoff (ECO) where codes call for dual safety shutoff. Complete safety shutoff on pilot flame failure. LITE-RITE (OFF-PILOT-ON) lighting sequence. ECO connector for V800 models. Part No. 392451-1. Specifications: Type: Single Stage Ignition Type: Standing Pilot Type of Gas: Natural or LP Body Pattern: Straight-through, multi-tapped with 1/2 right and left outlets plugged Note: No side outlets on S1-VA800A1476. Pressure Ratings (psi): 1/2 psi Pressure Ratings (kPa): 3.5 kPa Pilot Gas Outlet: Compression fitting for 1/4 OD tubing Pressure Tapping: 1/8 NPT with plug Electrical Ratings: 24 VAC Frequency: 60 Hz Anticipator Setting: .2 A Temperature Range (F): 32F to 175F Temperature Range (C): 0C to 79C Mounting: 0 to 90 degrees in any direction from the upright position of the gas control knob, including vertically. Dimensions (in.): 4-3/4H x 4-1/16W x 3-3/16D Dimensions (mm): 121 mm H x 103 mm W x 81 mm D Approvals: American Gas Association IAS AGA Design Certified; File No. L2025003, CGA Design Certified; File No. L2025003, UL Component Recognized; Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL Component Recognized. VR8200 Continuous Pilot Dual Automatic Combination Gas Valves Combination gas controls for use in 24 VAC, gas-fired, standing pilot appliances with capacities from 20 to 200 cfh. Both include: 1/2 x 3/8 reducer bushing; 39369014 bag assembly-3/4 straight flange with O ring, screws and wrench; Q340 (39) thermocouple with adapters; and 393691 Natural to LP gas conversion kit. VR8200A2132 does not contain the thermocouple. The VR8200A2124 does. Control includes safety shutoff, a manual valve, two automatic operators, servo pressure regulator and pilot adjustment. Compact size. Provide two automatic valves. Solenoid-operated first automatic valve opens on thermostat call for heat; closes when call for heat ends. Diaphragm-operated second automatic valve opens under control of regulator; closes if gas or power supply is interrupted. Meet codes requiring dual safety shutoff. All adjustments, wiring connections and pilot outlet are accessible from top of control. Adjustable servo regulator effectively maintains almost constant gas output pressure under wide fluctuations in pressure gas supply. Compatible with ECO connector. VR8200 controls replace the following Honeywell and competitive combination gas controls for applications requiring a minimum Capacity of 20 cfh and a maximum capacity of 200 cfh. - Honeywell V800A and VR800A models - White Rodgers 36C03/01 series - Robertshaw 7000BER (700-400) series - Robertshaw 7200BER (720-400) series - ITT B57 and B59 series - Essex SX242N SOURCE 1 PART NO. GAS TYPE AMPS @ 24 VAC/60 HZ MAIN PRESSURE SETTING MAIN CAPACITY INLET NPTI OUTLET NPTI PIPE IN DIM MLP $ S1-VR8200A2124 NAT 0.5 3.5 130,000 BTU/HR; 20,000 BTU-HR MIN 1/2 1/2 4.125 294.99 S1-VR8200A2132 NAT 0.5 3.5 130,000 BTU/HR; 20,000 BTU-HR MIN 1/2 1/2 4.125 280.95 Approval Bodies: AGA Design certified: File No. L2025006. CGA Design certified: File No. L2025006. UL Inc. component recognized: File No. MH5323. Lite-Rite (Off-Pilot-On) lighting sequence. Mounting: 0 to 90 in any direction from the upright position of gas control knob, including vertically. Body Pattern: Straight-through with 1/2 inlets and outlets. Pilot Gas Outlet: Compression fitting for 1/4 OD tubing. Pressure Tapping: 1/8 NPT with plug Pressure Rating: 1/2 PSI [3.5 kPa] inlet pressure. Ambient Temperature Range: VR8200A: 0F to 175F [-18C to +79C]. Electrical Data: Supply Voltage: 24 VAC, 60 Hz. Wiring Connections: Combination screw and 1/4 male quick-connects. Thermostat Heat Anticipator Setting: 0.5 A.

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