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26 REFRIGERANT CHARGING PRODUCTS Refrigerant Handling Equipment Cushion Clamps An industry standard universal clamp that mounts to standard strut. Steel with electro-dichromate finish to resist corrosion. The lock nut has a nylon insert for a positive lock. The polymeric grommet withstands temperatures from -25C to 125C and resists the effects of most oils, chemicals, and industrial cleaning compounds. SOURCE 1 PART NO DESCRIPTION STD. PACK MLP S1-538-1/2 CUSHION CLAMP - 1/2 25/BOX 7.76 S1-538-1/4 CUSHION CLAMP - 1/4 25/BOX 6.78 S1-538-1-1/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 1-1/8 10/BOX 11.50 S1-538-1-3/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 1-3/8 10/BOX 12.08 S1-538-1-5/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 1-5/8 10/BOX 15.95 S1-538-2-1/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 2-1/8 10/BOX 30.76 S1-538-2-5/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 2-5/8 10/BOX 33.29 S1-538-2-5/8-JP CUSHION CLAMP - 2-5/8" 5/BOX 188.11 S1-538-3/4 CUSHION CLAMP - 3/4 25/BOX 9.13 S1-538-3/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 3/8 25/BOX 7.79 S1-538-3-1/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 3-1/8 10/BOX 43.43 S1-538-3-1/8-JP CUSHION CLAMP - 3-1/8" 5/BOX 218.05 S1-538-3-5/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 3-5/8 10/BOX 64.39 S1-538-3-5/8-JP CUSHION CLAMP - 3-5/8" 5/BOX 222.34 S1-538-4-1/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 4-1/8 10/BOX 84.43 S1-538-4-1/8-JP CUSHION CLAMP - 4-1/8" 5/BOX 488.80 S1-538-5/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 5/8 25/BOX 7.90 S1-538-7/8 CUSHION CLAMP - 7/8 25/BOX 9.99 *Sold by box/MLP per each. Insta-Charge Faster, safer and more economical method for charging LIQUID refrigerant through the low pressure side of an air conditioning or refrigeration system, without damaging the compressor. Insta-Charges unique internal restrictor reduces liquid flow to a level below the capacity of the compressor. Converts liquid refrigerant to a saturated vapor for fast entry. Insta-Charge connects directly to the refrigerant can or cylinder valve. Adds liquid tracing dye faster. Eliminates heating of refrigerant cylinder. Made of light weight aluminum. Sold at a fraction of the cost of other fast charging devices. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-RC-1 INSTA-CHARGE 21.64 Adapter SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-MSA-45 ADAPTER, 1/4" MALE FLARE x 20 UNF FEMALE 25.11 1/4in. Male Flare x 1/2in. - 20 UNF Female Refrigerant Recovery Cylinders DOT Classified for recovery, recycling, service and reclaim. Liquid and vapor valves (Y valve or separate valve configurations) are installed in all cylinders. Painted yellow/gray per ARI guidelines. Float switches have 3-pin Bra Harrison connectors. Caution: Never overfill cylinders. Maximum refrigerant capacity is limited to 80% of the water capacity of the cylinder in lbs. (see table below). DOT requires cylinders to be retested every five years. Some recovery equipment uses weight scales to cut off refrigerant fill at 80% of capacity. Be sure cylinder tare weight is correct for this type of equipment. DOT Classification Example: 4BA400: 400 psi working pressure; 800 psi test pressure (double the working pressure); 1,600 psi minimum burst pressure (double the test pressure). Pressure relief/safety valve is set to release at between 75-100% of the test pressure. For example, in the 4BA400 tanks which have a 800 psi test pressure, the relief valve opens at between 600 psi and 800 psi. SOURCE 1 PART NO DESCRIPTION DOT CLASS 3/4 NPT PLUG FLOAT SWITCH WATER CAP. TARE WT. MLP S1-02033 30 LB. 4BA400 YES NO 26.2 LBS. 17 LBS. 421.89 S1-02053 50 LB. 4BA400 YES NO 47.7 LBS. 28 LBS. 452.61 S1-02055 50 LB. 4BA400 NO YES 47.7 LBS. 28 LBS. 733.81 S1-02100 100 LB. 4BW400 NO 123 LBS. 48 LBS. 1141.85 S1-02255 250 LB. 4BW260 YES NO 239 LBS. 85 LBS. 1480.18

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