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25 Refrigerant Handling Equipment JB INDUSTRIES INC. REFRIGERANT CHARGING EQUIPMENT JB Digital Vacuum Gauges JBs Digital Vacuum Gauge reads vacuum in 7 international units: Microns, PSIA, In Hg, mBars, Pascals, Torr, and mTorr. The DV- N has a micron range of 0 to 9,000 Microns. It is a good idea to attach the micron gauge to the vacuum pump before evacuation to make sure the pump pulls down to at least 50 microns. If it doesnt, your pump is contaminated and the oil should be changed A compound gauge only indicates that a vacuum is being produced, but does not tell you if moisture or acids are still in the system The DV- N, however, is the only tool to accurately read the low pressure produced when evacuation/ dehydration is complete. Note: The DV-22N is not recommended for connection to vacuum pump when blanking off isolation valve. Features: Simple two button operation for convenience Sealed touch buttons protect unit against dust and spills Low battery indicator lets you know when to replace the 9 volt battery (not included) Powers off after 10 minutes to save battery life Retractable hanging hook so the DV- N can hang or lie flat NIST Traceable Leak-proof with O-ring coupler to ensure proper register of vacuum in system Digital display with solid state circuitry so there is no adjustment necessary for fluctuating temperatures. Saves last vacuum readout after shut down for added convenience Specifications: Effective Range: 20-9,000 microns Ambient Temperature: +32F to +120F (0C to 48.9C) SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-DV-24N DV-22N WITH PROTECTIVE CARRYING CASE 628.43 JB Digital Micron Gauge JB Industries SUPERNOVA gauge allows a service technician to be certain when a system is properly evacuated of air and moisture before charging with refrigerant. The SUPERNOVA is accurate from 12,000 microns down to 10 microns. The unit features many user-defined programmable options such as duration of the backlight, programmed shut-off, and the ability to set alarms when system reaches a defined mark. The service technician can customize the SUPERNOVA to fit work habits. Make service calls more efficient without sacrificing quality. Features: Factory calibrated and requires no additional calibration Measures in MICRONS, PSIA, INHG, PASCLAS, TORR, MTORR, and MBAR If sensor gets contaminated, clean with simple alcohol Programmable alarm allows you to perform other tasks Duration of backlight is programmable Brass fitting on lengthy flexible cord for hard to reach places Programmable shut-off Large, easy to read LCD screen The female connection on this unit allows for direct connection to the A/C unit without need of hose connection Operates on three AA batteries (not included) SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-JB-DV-41 MICRON GAUGE,DIGITAL,W/CASE AND AC ADPTR 632.37 Supernova Digital Micron Gauge with Case and AC Adapter Refrigerant Scale The award-winning Atlas refrigerant charging scale is designed for the HVAC/R industry. Everyday users will appreciate the advanced solid state load cell for superior sensitivity (0.25 oz/10g) and accuracy. 220-lb (100 kg) capacity. All metal construction. Heavy duty carrying case. Easy-to-read display. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-DS20000 SCALE, REFRIGERANT CHARGING, 220 LB, ATLAS 640.23

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