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24 Refrigerant Handling Equipment JB INDUSTRIES INC. REFRIGERANT CHARGING EQUIPMENT Charging Equipment, Manifolds Manifolds Two Valve JB Industries is proud to introduce the Patriot 2-valve brass manifold. Its sleek new bar design paired with easy to grip metal handles and 2-1/2" metal R-410A gauges will make it the go-to manifold for HVAC techs. In addition to these new features, we have incorporated some of our best manifold features such as the free oating o-ring system and swiveling hose holder ttings that are replaceable. Features: New rugged bar design with metal handles Free oating O-ring system Swiveling hose holders Replaceable hose ttings 2-1/2" R-410A Only Metal Gauges Made in the USA SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-JB-22500 MANIFOLD,CHRG R410A,BRASS,2-VLV,PATRIOT 149.32 JB R22 & R410a Charging Manifolds SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-23500 NO HOSE SET 156.89 S1-23506 ENVIRO-SAFE HOSE SETS 5' (60") 292.36 S1-23513 ENVIRO-SAFE HOSE SETS WITH BALL VALVE SHUT-OFF 5' (60") 431.39 S1-24225 2-VALVE ALUMINUM MANIFOLD W/O HOSES, 80MM ILUMINATING GAUGES 227.61 S1-25225 4-VALVE ALUMINUM MANIFOLD W/60" CCLE HOSES, 80MM ILLUMINATING GAUGES 376.32 Forged Bar R410a Manifolds SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-M2-12 STANDARD MANIFOLD BODY ONLY 90.21 S1-M2-22225 STANDARD MANIFOLD W/O HOSES, 80MM GAUGES 176.18 S1-M2-36 WITH 36" STANDARD HOSE SET 225.00 S1-M2-5 WITH 60" STANDARD HOSE SET 261.71 S1-M2-5-410A STANDARD MANIFOLD W/60" CCL HOSE SET, R410a 265.50 S1-M2-6 3' (36") RED & BLUE AND 5' (60") YELLOW 221.71 S1-M2-8 STANDARD R22 MANIFOLD ONLY (W/O HOSES) 137.54 S1-M2-8-410A STANDARD MANIFOLD W/O HOSES, R410a 139.11 Standard Manifolds R22 & R410a Charging Manifold Gauges Compound Gauges (F) Specications: Compound Gauges: 30" Vacuum to 120 PSI, Retard to 350 PSI (R410a gauges 250/500 PSI) SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-M2-250 BLUE PLASTIC CASE 39.18 S1-M2-410 R410A COMPOUND GAUGE 39.18 S1-M2-415LF LIQUID FILLED R410A PRESSURE GAUGE-RED 56.82 S1-M2-460 2-1/2 BLUE COMPOUND GAUGE 39.18 S1-M2-820 80MM ILLUMINATING BLUE COMPOUND GAUGE 67.18

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