Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 210 Installation and Maintenance Supplies

210 Installation Accessories CONDENSATE DRAINING SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-EZT113 3/4" ECONOMY BLOWMOLD CROSS TRAP KIT, NO BRUSH 23.99 S1-EZT113B 3/4" ECONOMY BLOWMOLD CROSS TRAP KIT, WITH BRUSH 31.92 S1-EZT119 1" STANDARD CROSS TRAP KIT 66.04 S1-EZT150 ULTRATRAP WATERLESS TRAP KIT 49.81 S1-EZT205 3/4" SPECIAL 3" DEEP CROSS TRAP KIT WITH INTEGRAL FLOAT SWITCH 101.21 S1-EZT207 3/4" SIDE ENTRY CROSS TRAP KIT FOR A COILS WITH INTEGRAL FLOAT SWITCH 75.71 S1-EZT210 3/4" STANDARD CROSS TRAP KIT WITH INTEGRAL FLOAT SWITCH 74.25 S1-EZT224 COMPACT OVERFLOW SWITCH, 2/4" MALT THREADED INLET 41.16 S1-EZT225 INLINE PRIMARY /SECONDARY OVERFLOWSWITCH, 3/4" AND 1 43.82 S1-EZT226 COMPACT OVERFLOW SWITCH, 3/4" FEMALE SLIP INLET 41.16 S1-EZT228 INLINE PRIMARY/SECONDARY OVERFLOW SWITCH 3/4" WITH CLEAR EXTENSION, SCREW-IN PLUG AND CABLE 79.50 S1-EZT406 FLEXIBLE BRUSH 7.90 S1-EZT626 TRAP/OVERFLOW COMBO PACK 53.86 EZTrap manufactures condensate traps for residential and light commercial applications. EZTrap is the leading expert in condensate traps as used in central air conditioning systems and specializes in the manufacture of a full range of traps and components to suit any requirements. All EZTrap condensate traps incorporate an innovative and patented see through feature and are designed for easy installation, easy inspection and easy cleaning. In addition, EZTrap offers the only trap available which incorporates an integral float switch to warn of blockages in the trap itself or the condensate line downstream. EZTrap also offers the unique and patented cross trap which permits the contractor to clean the outlet of the drain pan without access to the inside of the Air Conditioning unit. All models are currently available in 3/4 and 1 sizes as standard. EZ Trap Condensate Traps SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-CVT12100 CLEAR VINYL TUBING, 1/2ID x 100' 44.48 S1-CVT14100 CLEAR VINYL TUBING, 1/4ID x 100' 27.96 S1-CVT34100 CLEAR VINYL TUBING, 3/4ID x 100' 80.08 S1-CVT38100 CLEAR VINYL TUBING, 3/8ID x 100' 29.87 S1-CVT58100 CLEAR VINYL TUBING, 5/8ID x 100' 59.30 S1-CVT78050 CLEAR VINYL TUBING, 7/8ID x 50' 67.67 Clear Vinyl Tubing SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-DT-HC-01 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,120V,3.28FT 133.46 S1-DT-HC-02 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,120V,6.56 FT 141.15 S1-DT-HC-02-2 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,240V,6.56 FT 148.29 S1-DT-HC-03 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,120V,9.84 FT 152.51 S1-DT-HC-04 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,120V,13.12 FT 159.19 S1-DT-HC-04-2 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,240V,13.12 FT 164.49 S1-DT-HC-05 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,120V,16.41 FT 176.96 S1-DT-HC-06 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,120V,19.69 FT 184.54 S1-DT-HC-06-2 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,240V,19.69 FT 194.97 S1-DT-HC-07 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,120V,22.87 FT 196.30 S1-DT-HC-08-2 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,240V,26.25 FT 241.18 S1-DT-HC-09 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,120V,29.53 FT 212.28 S1-DT-HC-10-2 CABLE,HEATING,SELF-REG,240V,32.81 FT 292.93 Heating Cables Self Regulating Heating Cables

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