Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 207 Installation and Maintenance Supplies

207 Installation Accessories CONDENSATE PUMPS & ACCESSORIES SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-554530 VCMX-20ULS, 20 LIFT, 115V, WITH SAFETY SWITCH, WITHOUT TUBING 143.97 S1-554531 VCMX-20ULST, 20 LIFT, 115V, WITH SAFETY SWITCH, WITH TUBING 158.71 S1-554550 VCMX-20ULST, 20 LIFT, 115V, WITH SAFETY SWITCH, WITH TUBING 150.53 Features: 1/4-turn check valve allows servicing without removal of tubing, eliminating water spills Patend-pending cooling design increases pump life External test/run lever for quick and easy drainage of tank for servicing Oil resistant tank and check valve eliminates the problem of cracked tanks with exposure to oil Rubber feet absorb vibration on hard surface installations Slimmer footprint size offers flexibility in tight spaces Little Giant Pumps & Accessories VCMX Series SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-ACS2 CONDENSATE OVERFLOW SAFETY SWITCH 72 LEADS/48 VOLTS AC/DC/UR/C-CSA 24.25 Condensate Overflow Safety Switch SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-6-CIA 6 SERIES SUBMERSIBLE SUMP PUMP 454.32 Typical applications include commercial, industrial, and home uses where liquid must be transferred or recirculated. Features: 1/3 hp shaded pole motor with overload protection Designed for continuous duty Epoxy coated cast iron housing 1-1/4 (31.7 mm) adapter and 3/4 (19 mm) garden hose adapter available Carbon/ceramic shaft seal Upper and lower sintered sleeve bearings cCSAus listed SOURCE 1 PART NO RECTORSEAL PRODUCT NO APPLICATION MLP $ S1-SS1 97630 INLINE 48.84 S1-SS2 97635 SECONDARY LINE 42.10 S1-SS3 97645 DRAIN PAN 24.49 S1-SS103E 97692 INLINE OR DRAIN PAN 66.16 Detects clogged air conditioner condensate drains and shuts off the system to prevent water damage to loors, walls, and ceilings. While A/C flooding can result from other problems, clogged A/C drain pans are the most common cause of water damage and mold growth from air conditioners. Model SS3 is designed to it in either primary or auxiliary drain pans. All switches UL Listed 508. Rectorseal Safe-T-Switch Condensate Overflow Controls 6 Series Submersible Sump Pump SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-553676 TPR AUTOMATIC CONDENSATE REMOVAL PUMP 230V 50 HZ 611.09 Designed to quietly remove condensate from ductless mini split air conditioning equipment Features: Automatically operates when water fills its remote collection reservoir and activates a float operated switch Safety overflow switch with NO and NC option External test/run switch Double insulated Easy to replace pump tube - no tools required Clear, hinged pump head cover for easy inspection and servicing Compact, lightweight design IP52 CE 2 m suction lift 14 m lift TP Series

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