Source 1 Product Catalog 2017 Page 203 Installation and Maintenance Supplies

203 Installation Accessories CONDENSATE PUMPS & ACCESSORIES SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-CS1200 SWITCH, SHUTOFF, CONDENSATE DETECT, AC 12 31.63 Diversitech Condensate Detection Switches SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE MLP $ S1-SCM-186-6 FLOW-PLUS FOR CONDENSATE PUMPS - 6 TABLETS/CLAMSHELL 36CLAMSHELLS/CASE 19.58 A unique polymer pan treatment in tablet form for use exclusively in Diversitech's condensate pump. The tablet ispensing drawer in the pump holds 3 tablets. A dosage lasts up to 3 months depending on the volume of condensate generated. Even when fully dissolved, the tablets provide a lasting treatment in the pump and downstream drain line. Provides long-lasting treatment that controls slime growth over time and can extend the life of the pump. Diversitech Flow-Plus Pump Treatment Tablets for Condensate Pumps SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-SOS-1 SAFETY OVERFLOW SWITCH 80.48 Designed for use on 3/4 PVC condensate drain line. Snaps easily over existing drain line tubing and can be glued in place using PVC cement if desired. The SOS works by electronically sensing water near the inside wall of the PVC drain tubing. By locating the SOS with its body away from the normal flow, it can be used to detect a possible overflow condition when the PVC drain line becomes full with water. Like a culvert, the condensate drain line is normally mostly empty with a small amount of water flowing in the lower parts of the horizontal run. Since the sensor component of the SOS only covers part of the tubing, a low volume of flowing water does not activate the switch. The pipe must be full or near full to activate the switch. The SOS can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or at any angle. Works with 24 VAC control circuits and typical contactors. When not detecting water, the SOS is normally closed and allows normal air conditioner operation. When water approaches the SOS's sensor, the switch triggers, and the control circuit is opened. The LED indicator lights to show that there may be system trouble, and the SOS is doing its job. Furnished complete with switch, 5' (1.5 meter) 18 AWG, 2 wire lead, and a 3/4 PVC male fitting adapter for direct coupling to a primary pan drain line connection. Now available with Push to Test button. Diversitech Safety Overflow Switch (SOS) SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-WS-1 WET SWITCH FLOOD DETECTOR 121.11 A solid state control designed to help prevent flooding, damage to carpets, walls, furniture, ceilings, etc. Now has a built-in test and reset button for easier installation. Turns system off when detecting moisture due to condensate or drain leaks. One or two drops will cause Wet Switch to turn off a unit, alerting a serviceman to a moisture problem. A lit LED indicates the Wet Switch is activated and has turned the unit off. Re-set simply by drying the absorbent pad with a paper towel and pressing he reset switch. Connects to 24 VAC. More than one unit may be connected to a system. 2 amp contact rating. Simple 5 wire installation. Diversitech Wet Switch Flood Detector Diversitech CS1200 AC Shutoff Switch

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