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19 Brinmar Sound Blankets Brinmar Sound Blankets are a popular solution for reducing compressor noise, from air conditioners or heat pumps. The sound blanket fits inside the cabinet and wraps around the compressor -- the noisiest component of an air conditioner or heat pump. Brinmars universal design accommodates hundreds of different styles and shapes of compressors. The two-piece design allows quick installation in tight cabinets where space is a consideration and where the compressor is close to the coil or the fan. The sound blanket is securely attached with hook and loop closures, which are durable and make installation quick and efficient. Features: Minimum 5db (40%+) reduction of compressor noise Fits over 200 different compressor models, either recip or scroll Convenient, easy-to-install, universal-fit design SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT MLP S1-SBLHD BLANKET,COMPR,UNIV,12X12X19 12 19 99.63 S1-SBRHD BLANKET,COMPR,UNIV,10X10X15 10 15 83.28 S1-SBSHD BLANKET,COMPR,UNIV,8X8X15 8 15 85.42 S1-SBUHD BLANKET,COMPR,UNIV,10X10X19 10 19 85.71 COMPRESSOR SOUND BLANKETS SCOTT Acousticap Compressor Blankets Features: Superior noise reduction UL recognized Lightweight Easy installation Weatherability Cost-effective SOURCE 1 PART NO. SCOTT MFG. MODEL NO. DIAMETER HEIGHT FOR USE WITH COMPRESSOR MLP S1-01005977000 SC9301A 9-1/2-11 15-17 H23A, H24A, H25A, H26A, H27A, H87A - ALL MODELS CRN AND LARGER 83.21 S1-01005979000 SC9520A 7-8-1/2 15-17 H20 AND H21C - ALL MODELS, H20 AND 21R - 483 AND SMALLER CRK - CRM, ZR40 AND SMALLER 90.32 S1-01005980000 SC9521A 7-8-1/2 12-15 H23B, H24B, H25B, H26B - ALL MODELS CRH AND SMALLER, RE ALL AW AND AV 77.71 Compressors ACOUSTICAL PERFORMANCE (SOUND ABSORPTION COEFFICIENTS) FREQUENCY (HZ) ABSORPTION AT 1/3 OCTAVE FREQUENCY ACOUSTICAP 125 .19 250 .49 500 .88 1000 1.02 2000 1.02 4000 1.03 NRC * .85 * Noise Reduction Coefficient Testing was in accordance with ASTM C-423 and performed by an outside laboratory accredited by the Department of Commerce. ACOUSTICAL PERFORMANCE (SOUND TRANSMISSION LOSS) FREQUENCY HERTZ SOURCE DB RECEIVE DB TL DB STC CONTOUR 125 91.7 78.1 2.2 -5 250 91.4 79.6 2.7 4 500 93.3 79.6 5.8 11 1000 97.6 79.3 10.8 14 2000 97.3 69.8 17.6 15 4000 97.4 61.0 24.4 15 Sound Transmission Class (STC) = 11 Testing was in accordance with ASTM E-90 and performed by an outside laboratory accredited by the Department of Commerce. ACCUTRAK ULTRASONIC LEAK DETECTOR Refrigerant Handling Equipment Features: Most sensitive ultrasonic detector available to the trade Exact translation of leak sounds, (NO Beeps or Squeals) NOT affected by wind or fans Detects ANY pressurized gas Detects vacuum leaks No false alarms from residues or other stray gasses No sensors to clean or replace SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP S1-NC-61307 ACCUTRAK ULTRASONIC LEAK DETECTOR 1599.08 Superior Signal - Model VPE - Now with Touchprobe Included! Patented Technology Detects the Ultrasonic SOUND of a Leak! AccuTrak offers high sensitivity & great sound quality in a compact package designed for one hand operation. Instrument, flexible waveguide, headset, touchprobe and battery included in a hardshell case. The important features of the AccuTrak model VPE is that it is low cost and highly sensitive, small and simple to use, runs on a 9 volt battery, patented technology, classic heterodyne detector, designed for use in areas of low to moderate background noise.

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