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142 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION CODE NO. CONTROL TYPE MLP $ S1-M9104-AGA-2S MTR,ACTUATOR,ROTARY,24VAC,35IN-LB M9104-AGA-2S FLOATING 155.65 S1-M9104-GGA-2S MTR,ACTUATOR,ROTARY,24VAC,35IN-LB M9104-GGA-2S PROPORTIONAL 264.04 S1-M9104-IGA-2S MTR,ACTUATOR,ROTARY,24VAC,35IN-LB M9104-IGA-2S FLOATING OR ON/OFF 194.13 Johnson Controls Electric Non-Spring-Return Actuators M9104 Series Description The M9102 and M9104 Series Actuators are direct-mount, non-spring-return electric actuators that operate on AC 24 V power. These synchronous motor- driven actuators provide floating control (AGA) floating control with automatic shutoff (IGA), and proportional equipped with terminal blocks. All models are compact in size and are easily installed on VAV boxes, Variable Volume and Temperature (VVT) two-position zone applications, or small- to medium-sized dampers with a round shaft up to 1/2 in. (13 mm) in diameter or a 3/8 in. (10 mm) square shaft. The M9102 and M92014 Series Electric Non-Spring-Return Actuators are designed to position balancing, control, round, an dzone dampers in HVAC systems. These electric actuators are also designed to position blades in a VAV box, or they can be used in VVT two-position zone applications. Each actuator mounts directly to the surface in any convenient orientation using a single No. 10 self-drilling sheet metal screw (included with the actuator). No additional linkages or couplers are required. Electrical connections on the actuator are clearly labeled to simplify installation. Features Two Torques Available: 18 and 35 lb in (2 and 4 N m) - offer the most suitable choice for the specific applicaiton. Short 30-Second Travel Time Available - zone applications. 35 dBA Nominal Audible Noise Rating - meets the audible noise requirements for open-ceiling environments. Synchronous Drive - provides a constant rotation time that is independent of the load. 1000,000 Cycle Rating - provides years of trouble-free service. Direct Shaft Mounting with Single-Screw Coupler - reduces installation time and provides three-point shaft gripping. Magnetic Clutch - protects the actuator gear train and the damper from damage due to excessive torque during a stall condition. Manual Gear Releases - simplifies actuator setup and adjustments in the ield. Plenum Cable or Screw Terminal Electric Connections - make wiring quick and easy. Floating, Floating with Timeout, and Proportional 0(2) to 10 VDC Control Inputs Available -offer a full range of control input options. Small, Compact Design - allows installation in tight-fitting locations. Specifications Travel Time: 60 Seconds at 60 Hz Electrical Connections - 48 in. (1.2 M) UL 444 type CMP plenum rated cable with 19 AWG (0.75 mm2) conductors and 1/4 in. (6Mm) ferrule ends Running Torque: 35 lbin (4 Nm) Zoning, Venting & Economizer Controls DAMPER ACTUATORS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION CODE NO. CONTROL TYPE MLP $ S1-M9109-AGA-2 MTR,ACTUATOR,ROTARY,24VAC,80IN-LB, NSR M9109-AGA-2 FLOATING 228.65 S1-M9109-GGA-2 MTR,ACTUATOR,ROTARY,24VAC,80IN-LB, NSR M90109-GGA-2 DC 0(2) TO 10 V 352.42 Johnson Controls Electric Non-Spring-Return Actuators M9109 Series Features Simple direct coupling reduces installation and commissioning time and imporoves reliability by eliminating damper linkages Single screw coupling provides three-point shaft gripping Designed for zone damper and ball valve actuator applications Small, compact design allows installation in tight-fitting locations Floating and proportional control inputs 60-second running time at 60 Hz Long life brushless synchronous drive motor technology provides constant running time independent of load Robust 80 lb in (9 N m) torque rating Magnetic clutch provides over torque protection over the entire range of rotation -4 to 125F (-20 to 52C) ambient temperature rating 100,000 full stroke cycle, 2,5000,000 reposition rating Manual gear release simplifies setup and field adjustments 1/2 in. NPT threaded conduit opening meets electrical code requirements and allows the use of flexible armored cable Position feedback (-GGX models provides simple, closed-loop control with accurate position sensing Adjustable rotation stops allow application versatility with 30 to 90 clockwise or counterclockwise rotation Auxiliary Switches: None Applications The M9109 is used to position balancing, control, round, and zone dampers in typical HVAC applications. It can also be used with an M9000-520 linkage to control VG1000 Series ball valves. The M9109 mounts directly on the duct surface, round damper, or small rectangular damper with an anti-rotation bracket and two sheet metal screws (included). Additional linkages or couplers are not required. Description The M9109 Series direct-mount, electric actuators that operate on AC 24 V power and are available for use with floating or proportional controllers. These non-spring-return actuators are easily installed on a VAV box, a round damper shaft up to 1/2 in. (13 mm) in diameter, or a 3/8 in. (10mm) square shaft. The M9109 with an M9000-520 linkage can be used to control 2 in. (DN50) VG1000 Series ball valves. The M9109 models have 80 lb in (9 N m) running torque. They have a nominal 60-second travel time for 90 of rotation at 60 Hz (72 seconds at 50 Hz) with a load-independent rotation time. The M9109-xGC-2 models are available with integral auxiliary switches to perform switching functions at any angle within the selected rotation range.

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