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142 SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION CODE NO. CONTROL TYPE MLP $ S1-M9220-AGA-3 MTR, ACTUATOR, SPRG RET, 24VAC/DC, 177 IN-LB M9220-AGA-3 FLOATING OR ON/OFF 457.79 S1-M9220-BGA-3 MTR, ACTUATOR, SPRG RET, 24VAC/DC, 177 IN-LB M9220-BGA-3 ON/OFF 373.21 S1-M9220-GGA-3 MTR, ACTUATOR, SPRG RET, 24VAC/DC, 177 IN-LB M9220-GGA-3 PROPORTIONAL 511.00 Johnson Controls Electric Spring-Return Actuators M9220 Series Zoning, Venting & Economizer Controls DAMPER ACTUATORS Description The M9220-xxx-3 actuators are direct-mount, spring-return electric actuators that operate with these available power options: AC 24 V at 50/60 Hz or DC 24 V (AGx, BGx, GGx, HGx) AC 120 V at 60 Hz (BAx) AC 230 V at 50/60 Hz (BDx) These bidirectional actuators do not require a damper linkage, an dare easily installed on dampers with 1/2 to 3/4 in. or 12 to 19 mm round shafts, or 3/8 and 1/2 in. or 10, 12, and 14 mm square shafts using the standard shaft clamp included with the actuator. An optional M9220-600 Jackshaft Coupler Kit is available for 3/4 to 1-1/16 in. or 19 to 27 mm round shafts, or 5/8 and 3/4 in. or 16, 18, and 19 mm square shafts. A single M9220-xxx-3 Electric Spring-Return Actuator provides a running and spring-return torque of 177 lb in (20 N m). Two or three models mounted in tandem deliver twice or triple the torque. Integral line voltage auxiliary switches are available on the -xxC models to indicate end-stop position or ot perform switching functions within the selected rotation range. Refer to the M9220-xxx-3 Electric Spring-Return Actuators Product Bulletin (LIT-12011057) for important product application information. Features Available Torques of 177 lb in (20 N m) for Single Actuators, 354 lb in (40 N m) for Two Models, and 531 lb in (60 N m) for three models mounted in Tandem offer a selection that is most suitable for the application. Reversible Mounting Design simplifies installation and enables the actuator to spring return in either direction. Electronic Stall Detection throughout Entire Rotation Range extends the life of the actuator by deactivating the actuator motor when an overload condition is detected. Removable Coupler adapts to a shorter damper shaft. Integral 48 in. (1.2m) Halogen-Free Cables with Colored and Numbered Conductors simplify field wiring. Integral Auxiliary Switches (xxC Models) provide one fixed and one adjustable switch point with line voltage capability. NEMA 2 (IP54) Rated Aluminum Enclosure protects the internal components of the actuator from dirt and moisture. Easy-to-Use Locking Manual Override with Auto Release and Crank Storage allows for manual positioning of the actuator hub. Integral Connectors for 3/8 in. Flexible Metal Conduit simplify installation and field wiring. Microprocessor-Controlled Brushless DC Motor (-AGx, -GGx, and -HGx types) - provides constant run-time independent of torque. Auxillary Switches: None Power Requirements: ac 24 v AT 50/60 Hz or DC 24 V Applications The M9220-xxx-3 Electric Spring-Return Actuators provide reliable control of dampers and valves in HVAC systems. The M9220-xxx-3 Actuators are available for use with on/off, floating, and proportional controllers. Johnson Controls Direct Mount Actuator Accessories Valve Linkages SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-M9000-520 BALL VALVE LINKAGE, SPECIAL AND LARGER VALVE APPLICATIONS 39.46 S1-M9000-551 BALL VALVE LINKAGE, 1/2 TO 1 IN. HOT/CHILLED WATER APPLICATIONS 31.57 S1-M9000-560 BALL VALVE LINKAGE, 1/2 TO 2 IN. HOT/CHILLED WATER APPLICATIONS 31.39 S1-M9000-561 THERMAL BARRIER FOR m9000-551 AND m9000-560 BALL VALVE LINKAGES PERMITS USE OF M(VA)9XXX ACTUATORS ON VG1000 VALVES WITH LOW-PRESSURE STEAM 31.39

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