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141 Zoning, Venting & Economizer Controls ECONOMIZER CONTROLS & ECONOMIZER LOGIC MODULES SOURCE 1 PART NO. APPLICATION TYPE MOUNTING USED WITH MLP $ S1-C7660A1000 DUCT OUTSIDE (SUPPLY) OR RETURN IN ANY LOCATION WHERE IT IS EXPOSED TO FREELY CIRCULATING AIR W7210, W7212, W7213, W7214, W7216, W7459, W7460 63.01 Honeywell C7660 Selectable Temperature Sensor C7660 Selectable Temperature Sensor is used with the W7459, W7215, W7212, W7213 and W7214 Economizer Controls. The economizer controls are mounted on an M7415/M7215 Actuator. They permit the use of outdoor air as the first stage of cooling in heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The C7660 Selectable Temperature Sensor is only to be used with single temperature change over with the sensor located in the outdoor air. Features: Senses temperature of outdoor air and provides a signal to economizer control with OK or not OK to economize. Selectable dip switch provides 8 change over temperature options. When temperature of outdoor air is below change over temperature, the outdoor air damper is opened to reduce the cooling load in the building. Provides 4 OR 20 mA output signal to economizer control; At 4 mA not OK to economize, 20 mA OK to economize. Highly accurate microprocessor control. Sensor is enclosed in a rugged, corrosion-resistant plastic case. Replaces C7650 temperature sensors and the control function of temperature change over in the economizer control. Easy to set change real time temperature settings. The installer can change the temperature set point without cutting power to the system. Specications: Model: C7660 Selectable Temperature Sensor , Case: Duct mount Temperature Sensing Element: Thermistor Output Signal: 4mA not OK to economize, 20 mA OK to economize Operating Ambient Temperature Range: -40 to 149 F (-40 to 65 C). Shipping Temperature Range: -40 to 149 F (-40 to 65 C). Supply Voltage: Power to sensor is supplied through economizer or if not used with an economizer, logic power input is 21.6 vdc 1.5 vdc. Electrical Connections: Two 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) quick connect terminals. Approval: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Flammability Rating UL94-5V Dimensions: 3-5/32 H x 3-7/8 W x 1 D Hysteresis: Hysteresis +/- 1F; Economizer Cut-in 1F below setpoint, Cut-out 1F above setpoint , Accuracy: 1 F Honeywell C7660 Selectable Temperature Sensor SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION MLP $ S1-C7835A1009 COMMUNICATING DISCHARGE AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR 193.42 Duct-mounted temperature probe used to provide capacity control of heating and cooling equipment. Used with Honeywell Network Zoning System and single unit zone applications. Honeywell Communicating Discharge Air Temperature Sensor

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