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MOTORS & MOTOR ACCESSORIES 128 Bearings LAU BEARINGS Cartridge Type Sleeve Bearings Features: Designed to give you fast, easy interchangeability. It will t any spider type bracket used on 9, 10 & 12 blowers. Sintered bronze bushing pressed into steel bearing caps and cushioned in heavy neoprene conductive rubber. Factory packed with lubricant for many years of quiet, trouble-free service. The Cartridge Bearing with a Journal may permit use of old shaft. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SHAFT DIAMETER OD MLP $ S1-LA-38209101 BRG,CARTRIDGE,3/4,MKIV (PAIR) 3/4" W/ THRUST & SPACER 1-13/16 58.83 S1-LA-38227201 BRG,CARTRIDG,W/JOURNAL,3/4,MKIII (PAIR) 3/4 W/ JOURNAL 1-13/16 109.04 S1-LA-38209001 BRG,CARTRIDGE,1,MKIII (PAIR) 1 1-13/16 90.42 Features: Self-aligning Durable construction Includes insulator Porous bronze sleeve Includes factory packed lubricant Sold in pairs Lau-Pak" - Sleeve Sealed Type Bearings With Insulator SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SHAFT DIAMETER OD MLP $ S1-LA-38244301 BRG,5/8",LAU-PAK (PAIR) 5/8" 1-13/16" 43.41 S1-LA-38244302 BRG,3/4",LAU-PAK (PAIR) 3/4" 1-13/16" 47.88 S1-LA-38244303 BRG,1",LAU-PAK (PAIR) 1" 2-1/2" 55.99 Pillow Block Sleeve Bearings Features: Heavy neoprene cushion. Re-oilable porous bronze bushing in a pressed steel ball unit held rmly in a housing of two-piece interlocking steel. This high quality self-aligning, static free, pillow block will assure quiet operation and may years of trouble-free performance. Two 1/8 rubber spacers provided for use, if needed. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SHAFT DIAMETER MLP $ S1-LA-38220401 BRG,SLEEVE,PB,5/8 (PAIR) 5/8" 37.56 S1-LA-38208601 BRG,SLEEVE,PB,3/4 (PAIR) 3/4" 37.96 S1-LA-38208701 BRG,SLEEVE,PB,1 (PAIR) 1" 37.96 S1-LA-38209301 BRG,SLEEVE,PB,1,HEAVY DUTY (PAIR) 1" HEAVY DUTY 65.81 Sealed Type Ball Bearings with Insulator Features: For use when operating conditions exceed the limits of sleeve bearings or where repetitive failures occur. These bearings are pre-lubricated at the factory and require no further lubrication or attention. They are equipped with seals to retain grease better and to protect against contaminants. SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION TEMPERATURE RANGE F SHAFT DIAMETER OD MLP $ S1-LA-38258801 BRG,BALL,SEALED,3/4 (PAIR) -20 + 180 3/4 W/ INTERLOCKING THRUST COLLAR 1-13/16 128.06 S1-LA-38259001 BRG,BALL,SEALED,1 (PAIR) -20 + 180 1 W/ INTERLOCKING THRUST COLLAR 2-17/32 143.60 S1-LA-38256201 BRG,BALL,SEALED,1-3/16 -20 + 180 1-13/16 W/ INTERLOCKING THRUST COLLAR 2-7/32 379.00

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