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124 Indoor Air Quality RESIDENTIAL AIR FILTRATION SYSTEMS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SHIPPING MULTIPLE MLP $ S1-POPUP1620 16 X 20 12 83.79 S1-POPUP1625 16 X 25 12 83.11 S1-POPUP2020 20 X 20 12 85.57 S1-POPUP2025 20 X 25 12 80.22 S1-POPUP2200 FITS APRILAIRE 2200 12 77.48 S1-POPUP2400 FITS APRILAIRE 2400 12 73.04 Honeywell PopUP filters store flat and pop into shape for installation. Features: MERV 11 efficiency Save space on the truck. Less damage during storage, Save time on assembly. So easy you can sell over-the-counter to homeowners without worry of mistakes. Compact shape makes PopUP easy to ship. No combs, pleat spacers or end caps. Honeywell PopUP Replacement Filter Media SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION STD PACK MLP $ S1-NC-61062 9 1/2 X 10 X 1 1/2 CARBON BLOCK 6 128.99 The HVAC Carbon Block can be added to any ducted HVAC System to immediately remove odor and provide cleaner, healthier air to any indoor environment. Using a unique combination of carbon and minerals, the HVAC Carbon Block absorbs many odors and harmful chemical pollutants found in the air inside homes, offices, and other buildings. Simply install the HVAC Carbon Block in the air handler against the outlet side of the existing air filter. A percentage of the system air will pass through the HVAC Carbon Block and over time, all of the system air will be filtered by the HVAC Carbon Block. HVAC Carbon Block removes many indoor air pollutants including: animal odors, food odors, ozone, tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, body odors, paint fumes, auto exhaust, sewer gases, burnt odors, cleaning chemicals, chlorine, turpentine, cosmetics, mercaptans, ammonia, solvents, alcohol, acetone, printer gases, VOC's, smog, mildew, and hospital odors. ClenAir HVAC Carbon Block HIGH EFFICIENCY MEDIA AIR CLEANERS SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE (INCHES) STD. PKG. MLP $ S1-KF-102-718-001 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV8 20X25X5 3 39.07 S1-KF-102-718-002 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV8 16X25X3 6 38.93 S1-KF-102-718-003 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV8 20X20X5 4 46.93 S1-KF-102-718-010 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV8 16X25X5 3 43.18 S1-KF-102-718-201 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV11 20X25X5 3 58.68 S1-KF-102-718-202 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV11 16X25X3 6 40.71 S1-KF-102-718-203 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV11 20X20X5 4 56.79 S1-KF-102-718-210 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV11 16X25X5 3 50.54 S1-KF-102-718-301 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV13 20X25X5 3 64.43 S1-KF-102-718-302 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV13 16X25X3 6 46.82 S1-KF-102-718-303 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV13 20X20X5 4 65.50 S1-KF-102-718-310 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV13 16X25X5 3 56.29 Koch Filters Replacement Media for Trion Airbear and Air Cub SOURCE 1 PART NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE (INCHES) STD. PKG. MLP $ S1-KF-102-718-004 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV8 20X25X4 3 43.14 S1-KF-102-718-005 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV8 16X25X4 3 42.14 S1-KF-102-718-006 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV8 20X20X4 4 40.36 S1-KF-102-718-204 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV11 20X25X4 3 50.50 S1-KF-102-718-205 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV11 16X25X4 3 47.07 S1-KF-102-718-206 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV11 20X20X4 4 48.43 S1-KF-102-718-304 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV13 20X25X4 3 58.21 S1-KF-102-718-305 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV13 16X25X4 3 58.32 S1-KF-102-718-306 FILTER,REPLACEMENT, MERV13 20X20X4 4 58.14 Koch Filters Replacement Media for Honeywell F-Series

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